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NGOs to engage religious leaders to increase employment

by The Ghana HIT

The Network of Associations of Registered Non-governmental organizations (NARNGO), said it will involve religious leaders and interest groups to assist in creating business opportunities to increase employment in Ghana. The Association insisted that religious bodies have great institutions that could help achieve the developmental goals of the government.

During a workshop in Accra, Dr. Kofi Lucas, Chairman of the Strategic Consortium, said there is a need of promoting closer partnership in practical terms between the government and the corporate church to boost the projects of the government. The topic of discussion was: “Venturing into Agriculture and Industries, creating massive jobs for our teeming jobless youth in the church as well as wealth for the investors and feeding the needy in the communities in the Covid-19 era – A challenge to the Religious and Interest group leaders.”

According to Dr. Lucas, the partnership would assist in implementing the government’s coordinated program of economic and social development policies to reduce unemployment. He said NARNGO had the plan and strategy to invite the religious leaders and interest groups to bring onboard a minimum of three million members who are capable of investing.

The Economic Consultant and Senior Research Fellow, University of Ghana, Dr. George Domfe, said the main problems of creating jobs is as a result of the high cost of lending rate. Due to all these costs, the environment does not motivate people to venture into businesses.

“Until the interest rate goes down, we cannot create jobs for our people and this will make us remain where we are and not progress as a nation,” he said.

Furthermore, Dr. Domfe said the high charges of electricity is among the challenge that prevents various businesses from thriving. According to him, to improve the economy electricity costs should be reduced to encourage people to venture into business.

Dr. Bomfe said the high taxes incurred by some businesses make them not to survive for a long time. He, therefore, requested for reduction in the taxes to inspire people to set up businesses and create more jobs. If all this is done Ghana will not depend on external aid because the Gross Domestic Product of Ghana will increase.

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