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Persuade your relatives in Ghana to vote for NPP – Dr. Yaw Adutum

by The Ghana HIT

Hon. Dr. Yaw Adutum, the deputy Education Minister leading the second cycle schools, has urged citizens of Ghana living abroad to persuade their relatives in Ghana to elect Akufo-Addo again in the coming general elections.

Talking with the NPP Chicago chapter, Hon. Dr. Yaw Adutum said so far, the free SHS policy has been greatly prosperous with almost 100,000 students enrolled in the program.

Besides, he said that the Free Secondary High School education policy has modified poor and marginalized communities in the nation. He said the program has had an important impact on both students and parents of Ghana mentioning bright but needy students from a poor background as an example.

“you remember before the 2016 general election, then Candidate Akuffo Addo promised to build factories in all districts, implement free SHS and many more, then NDC government under H.E. John Mahama said, free SHS is not anybody’s policy as it is a provision in Ghana’s 1992 constitution to provide free secondary education to the youth and it does not reside in NPP Akuffo Addo to do that .what do we see now ?” Dr. Yaw Adutum said stated.

Mr. Nana Sarfo, Dr. James Nunuro Frinpong, Effah Ameyaw Kakape, Rich cann, and Mr. Sam were among the NPP Chicago members present during the meeting.

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