Home Politics Police stop sharing of money to delegates at Ablekuma North

Police stop sharing of money to delegates at Ablekuma North

by The Ghana HIT

Police manning the Otaten polling station in Ablekuma North Constituency has stopped aspirants on the New Patriotic Party from giving money to delegates. The police said that the sharing of money was breaching the coronavirus preventive protocols. People are said to have started scrumpling for money something which the police stopped immediately.

Aspirant Shiela Bartels condemned those distributing money to delegates. She said that she was sure she was going to win without sharing money. According to Shiela: “I believe that when you have a good message and you know what exactly you are presenting to people, it will sell. There is no need to try to entice them with money. These are people who have held up the party in the constituency for the past four years and they know the kind of leader they need to be able to get through the next four years. I believe that the delegates have already made up their minds.”

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