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Read2Skill Online Project in High Demand

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The e-learning project called Read2Skill unveiled on January 6, 2020, was initially intended to offer Ghanaians only one thousand scholarships to attend courses on Udemy ( the world’s largest online learning platform), instead, about 30,000 requests have been received. 

The Ghana Library Authority has received additional 1,000 slots in scholarships with the help of funding from The Commonwealth of learning, taking its overall to 2000 Ghanaians, the largest of the four commonwealth nations benefiting from the Partnership. 

Ghana Library Authority’s executive director, Hayford Siaw, clarified that pursuing additional scholarships was a product of Ghanaians’’ passion and massive interest in the initiative. A total of 31,574 applications from all 16 regions of Ghana were received.

The Greater Accra area reported the largest of the overall number of applications with 13,895 applicants, while the Savannah region registered the lowest with 106 applications. 

According to the statistics, more males than females have registered for the e-learning scheme. For starters, 9295 out of 13,895 were males in the Greater Accra Region, whereas the remainder 4600 was females.

The prospective candidates can obtain certificates after completion of any of the available courses and have as many classes as possible to be enrolled by the end of October 2020.

Ghana Library Authority is seeking ways to provide more scholarships to as many people as possible. 

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