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Reasons Ghana is an Interesting Tourist Destination

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is one of the most interesting destinations in Africa, with rich culture, gorgeous beaches, friendly citizens, excellent infrastructure, and stable democracy. It is an easily accessible country in West Africa and a famous African getaway. Ghana is known for its rich, colorful traditional history, Bright art, colonial sites, and rich culture. Several regions, including Aburi and the Volta region, make Ghana an interesting country to explore.

Aburi is a calm and peaceful spot for lovers, friends, family, or solo adventures. It is a preferred destination for nature lovers and, due to its approximate location near the great Accra, attracts a large number of visitors each day. Most People go there to relax, meditate, and have fun strolling along the beautiful palm trees. Posing for pictures by the palms makes the visit more exciting and memorable. It is a lovely Eco-tourism site with an uncultivated area to maintain its ecological purpose in Ghana.

Volta region is the center for all outdoor adventures and a must-visit site for many tourists traveling to Ghana. It is an exciting region to explore, with fascinating sites and enjoyable activities. The tallest mountain in Ghana, Mt Afadjato, is situated in this region; it guarantees hikers incredible views of Ghana and the neighboring regions. Mt Afadjato is home to various wild animals such as tortoises, butterflies, hippos, and lizards, and therefore when exploring this mountain, you should be prepared to see a lot.

The tallest waterfall in west Africa, Wli Waterfalls, is in the Volta region. A guided tour to the upper falls generally takes more time than a walk to the lower falls, which can take approximately thirty minutes. There is a monkey sanctuary; therefore, you can spot monkeys in the surrounding region.

There are various opportunities for water sports, especially on the southern Ghanaian coast. The leading watersports include surfing, swimming, riding boats, and skiing. You can rent a speedboat to enjoy riding from one beach to another. Besides, you can kayak along the palm water pathways for a slower-paced experience. Ada Foah is the best and most preferred region for watersports activities. Aqua Safari Resort is the main sport in Ada, with fascinating waterfalls, ponds, pelicans, tortoises, and peacocks.

Some tourists enjoy learning about colonial history, moving from one historical site to another, and exploring people’s history. Cape coast city in Ghana is known for significantly housing slaves between the 1600 and 1700 centuries. This town has various historic structures constructed during the colonial era and is still in good condition. The structures indicate the evilness that prevailed during the dark days of enslaved. The Ghanaian historical museum is inside the castles and contains the most important collection of traditional drums and pottery. Professional guides take visitors to explore the entire history of Ghana.

Manhyia palace in Kumasi town is a famous tourists attractions sites displaying the rich heritage of the Ashanti people. The Ashanti cultural history and language have remained dominant in Kumasi for a long time. The museum is particularly meant for Ashanti traditions and culture. The Ashanti leaders resided in this museum until 1974, when they relocated to a new place. Objects from royal families, including the customary regalia used during royal activities, wardresses, and the talking drums, serve as a communication device to celebrate and mourn during official meetings.

Additionally, Kumasi is home to various celebrations, and therefore you can organize with your travel agency to ensure that your visit falls at the right time with any of the festivities. The famous Akwasidae festival is held every six weeks to acknowledge kings and pray for blessings from their ancestors.

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