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Reasons to visit Kwahu Afram Plains

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana has many tourist attractions; some have been fully explored, while others have yet to be fully explored. For instance, Accra city has fully been explored, while Kwahu Afram plains are one of the sites that still need to be fully explored. Easter and paragliding activity have stimulated the growth and development of this region’s cultural and heritage tourism, ecotourism, leisure tourism, and business tourism in the Kwahu region. However, there is still a lot that needs to be done. Although Kwahu West, Kwahu East, and South have been fully explored, Kwahu Afram plains districts have many explored sites.

Some unexploited natural tourism attractions in Kwahu Afram Plains include the Canopy trail, Sacred Okra Kofi Rock, Padlock Echo Raven, Butuase Waterfall, Mystic Tomb, Bruku god Shrine, Roman Catholic Shrine, and Nkofiecho Warrior’s Cave. There is a river known as the Afram River in the Kwahu region. In September 2019, the Kwahu Republic organized a Canoe Racing competition on this river, and many people were amazed to discover that there is a great river in this region. The river has various tourist resources that can be used to develop multiple tourist attractions. The Afram river is not seasonal; therefore, it never dries up. The residents of this region rely on this river for fish farming and irrigation purposes. Over the years, it has served as a significant source of income for many people in this area.

Kwahu is an ideal holiday destination in Ghana; it is a lively site where tourists enjoy crossing the Afram on a ferry boat and relaxing on the beach at Agordeke. There are various available things that you can engage in during your vacation, which include Kayaks, cruise boats, jet skis, speed boats, and many more. The restaurants in this area prepare all types of dishes, from local to international ones. Foreigners seem to enjoy local dishes more. Amankwa Tonu, Bruben, Ekye, and Harvokope, are key tourist attractions sites that are worth your time.

The Afram river has a beach and a shoreside facility and has also formed various islands. Some of the Islands have populations of around eight hundred people engaging in different activities. Although some islands are developed with tourist facilities, others have been neglected. Most tourists like visiting islands because of their unique nature, but the lack of essential facilities demotivates them. The Afram Plains south features two dwarf islands, but no investor seems to see the potential of equipping these islands with suitable facilities so as to attract tourists.

Besides the river, islands, and beaches, there is a lot to explore in the Kwahu Afram plains. It is exciting and fun to explore this region’s waterfalls, caves, thick forest reserves, and rock formations. There is a game reserve at Donkorkrom that the Wildlife Reserve Commission is currently running. It is home to various animal species and a key tourist attraction. The rounded development of tourism in the Kwahu Afram plains has made Kwahu the preferred tourist destination by a large number of tourists from various parts of the world.

Developing this region can easily extend the Easter celebration to other parts of Kwahu and therefore result in the development of these areas. During the last few years, Kwahu Afram plains have attracted some investors who intend to make this a better tourist destination to benefit the residents in this area. Most of the investments are in the Hospitality sector. Tourism can be a source of employment for the people living in Kwahu. For instance, ferrying tourists across the river using your boat can give you money. Others can be employed to cook and serve at the restaurants, boosting the region’s economic status.

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