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Reasons why you should visit the Ankasa Conservation Reserve

by The Ghana HIT

The Ankasa Conservation Reserve is situated in the Western Region of Ghana. It is 365Km from Accra. It is a bounded area situated in a tropical rainforest region and is the greatest biodiverse forest in Ghana. The region comprises the NiniSuhien National Park to the North and the Ankasa Forest Reserve to the Southern region.

The Ankasa Conservation Reserve occupies an area of approximately 500 sq km and comprises mainly of the tropical evergreen rain forest. Ankasa forest is a persevered region in Ghana situated cool climate, and it is made for only wildlife. The Ankasa forest is the richest in botanical diversity, following its good position in Ghana’s region with the highest rainfall.

The Ankasa forest is home to a large population of big and attractive mammals, for instance, Bongo, Yellow-backed Duiker, Forest Elephant, and Leopard. Monkeys include the Western chimpanzee, Rolaway Diana Monkey, Geoffroy’s pied Colobus, White-naped Sooty Mangabey, and other vanishing species prevalent to Cote D’Ivoire and Ghana.

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The forest has more than 200 bird species; some scarce birds such as the White-breasted Guinea Fowl, Yellow-throated Olive Greenbul, and Rufous-winged Illadopsis prevail in the Upper Guinea Forest. The wide range of small rivers and other three key rivers of the reserved region house several reptiles, such as the Broad-fronted Crocodile. The streams are significant breeding areas for various fish species and a watershed for the west and south of the reserved area.

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Besides, the forest has more than 600 butterfly species. The Ankasa forest is a remarkable destination for amusing tourism. The forest has various animals and plants species that have not yet been identified; therefore, it is a perfect place for scientific students and other researchers.

Even though this forest can be explored via riding, it is more fun to explore it through walking. The five tourists’ paths allow tourists to feel the rain forest. It is never easy to spot the forest wildlife and other animals because of the green vegetation that covers this area, but visitors can hear or see them from far. Monkeys can be spotted jumping from one tree to another in the canopy.
The Ankasa reserve derives its name from a myth that reproaches people to be quiet around the river. Visit Ankasa and enjoy the calm environment and explore the beautiful sceneries.

The key tourist’s attractions in Ankasa Conservation Reserve include:


The Ankasa forest is a great home to beautiful animals that attract most tourists to visit Ghana. The animals include Forest elephants, bongo, Bird Fauna, and other ten monkey species (endangered Diana Monkey and West African Ape. Additionally, there are two hundred and sixty-three types of birds that exist in this forest.

The Water Fall

There are several streams and rivers in this magnificent rain forest in Ghana. The three streams include Ankasa, Nini, and Suhien. The name Ankasa is derived from one of the three streams. The amazing characteristics of these streams are the waterfalls that originate on these rivers. Most tourists are attracted to the freshness, breezes, and rattling sounds along these rivers. The potential for canoeing is being determined.


There are around three hundred different types of plants occupying one hectare. The main plants in this area include Marantas, Bloody Lilly, Dahoma, Glory Bower, and Maroke. Besides, there are huge orchards and ferns.

The Bamboo Cathedral

The remarkable Bamboo Cathedral is situated at Nkwanta, around 8km from the Ankasa gate of the park. The huge Bamboo trees form a wonderful canopy over which a cool breeze offers an excellent habitation for relaxation.

Camping services

The Ankasa Forest reserve has several camping services where tourists can spend their nights in case they do not want to go home. Most of the Camping amenities are commonly made with local construction materials. The facilities feature floor space for sleeping, but tourists can also use knolls. Each camping amenity has featured a fireplace and a kitchen. Besides, there are enough toilets, bathrooms and running water.

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