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Reasons you should Explore all the Ghanaian Cities

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a beautiful tourist destination in Africa with vibrant cities, rich cultures, sandy beaches, and history. The attraction sites vary from city to city, so it is good to explore all the cities when visiting Ghana. Although most attraction sites are centred within the great Accra, it is wise to explore every city in Ghana and understand their tourism significance in the country. Most of these cities have exciting destinations, and the excellent infrastructure makes it easy to access them. The main reasons you should explore all the Ghanaian cities include;

Accra is a multicultural hub, a home to people with diverse cultures. This city is well-known as a getaway to Ghanaian art, food, and nightlife. Most of the most luxurious nightclubs in Accra are tailor-made to favour all the various categories of people visiting Ghana. Statistics indicate that Accra is the best city in Ghana in terms of entertainment and nightlife activities. The restaurants in Accra city offer international and local dishes, jollof rice and waakye being the everyday local dishes.

Accra has major galleries with pictures of Ghanaian social life. Globally renowned artists from Ghana and Africa images are also found in these galleries, but they are also displayed in many streets of the great Accra.

Kumasi is popular because of its unique culture and traditions. It is the second largest city in Ghana, mainly occupied by the Ashanti community. All the historical traditions and culture associated with the Ashanti kingdom are well preserved in the Manhyia palace.

A museum in Kumasi is only dedicated to the Ashanti kingdom and traditions. The British colonial government constructed this magnificent museum in 1925 for King Asantehene Agyeman Prempeh during his return from the Seychelle’s exile. This museum displays objects from the royal family, such as wardresses, the customary regalia used during royal activities, and talking drums, which serve as a communication device to celebrate and mourn during gatherings. Each pulse of the drum has a sole way of communicating with the Ashanti people.

Kumasi residents usually hold various events, for instance, the Akwasidae Festival, which is held every sixth Sunday, to acknowledge the former kings, appealing for their blessings by calling their names.

Cape coast city is known for its colonial history. It was the centre for the transatlantic slave trade; the crucial role of cape coast was to host the slave before being transported to European countries. This city’s castles and forts indicate the colonial days’ dark history. The West African Historical Museum is located inside the castle and houses an important collection of ceremonial drums and ancient pottery.

Ada Foah is well-known as the best water sports city. This city is situated where the volta River drains into the ocean. It has long beaches and many water sports sites. Visitors can hire a speedboat to ride at the beaches. Besides, for a slow-paced experience, you can use a kayak to ride along the waterways. Aqua Safari Resort is a fantastic recreation site with lots of exciting things to see and do. Baffour falls home to tortoises and pelicans. There are various entertainment spots in this city where you spend time with your friends and loved ones.

Tamale city is a fantastic destination known for its crafts and art. It has an exciting blend of Islamic craft and architecture. The central Mosque has a large capacity for many Muslim worshipers who go to pray each day. Larabanga Mosque is a primary tourist attraction site in this city and one of the oldest mosques in west Africa. It was constructed in the 14th century using mud, reeds, and tall white walls.

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