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Recreation Trips in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a fascinating nation that offers various recreation sporting activities. The key adventurous activities include:


Paragliding Festival is usually held each year at Kwahu Plateau during Easter. It is an interesting activity that attracts many international visitors; therefore, you should book in advance if you want to be part of this event. Tourists fasten their belts on the glider under the guidance of a pilot and elegantly fly over the slope for a memorable bird’s eye view.

Hiking and Biking

Ghanaian Hiking activities range from simple hiking such as hikes along the beaches or through forests to more complicated ones which involve the use of the hand for balancing. Ghana has several amazing hiking paths which offer some fascinating scenic views of this nation. Hiking at the Wli Falls is amazing; it involves walking through the forest and crossing tributary streams.

It is somehow challenging to hike amid the sacred rock formations at Tano Sacred Grove, Tongo, or Bongo to the north. The Umbrella Rock offers excellent views to all people hiking. Besides, the Atewa plateau and the Kwahu Plateau are wonderful hiking sites in Ghana. Mt. Afadjato is the highest mountain in Ghana, and hiking here is a bit difficult, but if you want to get the best views of Ghana, you have to hike to the top. There are several Bike rentals points where you can get a bike. The ideal biking places includes Aburi, the western coast, and Kokrobite.

Swimming and Watersports

There are many swimming and Watersports points in Ghana; although most of the places have clear water and weak waves, other ones are not safe because of strong waves. Ghana has several surfing beaches where both beginners and experts can enjoy. Surfing is famous and very common in Ghana, with several people ready to teach all the learners.

Most of the hotels have well-maintained swimming pools, and during the day, outsiders can pay to access such pools. The volta rivers and Coasts for riding motorboats and Jet Skies. Ghana has busy beaches with lots of fishermen and a lot of people enjoying the Coastal climate.

Riding Canoe and Padus

The canoe is a strong cultural element available at most rivers, wetlands, and lagoons; tourists can ride canoes in the company of the locals. Canoe riding is an enjoyable and relaxing activity. The quietness of natural sceneries along the rivers makes Canoe riding more exciting and enjoyable. The local people of Ghana use Padus at the largest meteorite impact lake (lake Bosumtwi) because it is sacred, and Canoes are not allowed here. You paddle by hand when using Padua; it also needs good balance.


Fishing ranges from rod-and-reel fishing along the shores to deepwater fishing excursions. The fishing method depends on whether the fish are for sale or domestic consumption. Tourists enjoy helping the locals get fish from the rivers and even beaches.

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Golf is an exciting game to participate in. Currently, Ghana has fifteen golf courses available. Six of the Courses are 18-hole courses, while the other nine are 9-hole courses. The Achimota Golf Club is among the most famous golf clubs in Ghana. The other Golf venues include Tema, Elmina, Kumasi, Takoradi, and Winneba. In most courses, the learner is issued a professional to have a friendly match.

Climbing Rocks

Ghana has various beautiful rock formations; some are very attractive, and adventurous people can spend time here climbing them. While climbing these rocks, you need to be very cautious because some stones are sacred, and therefore it is good to ask for permission before climbing them. It would be best to be very careful while climbing them to minimize the chances of accidents.

Horse Riding/Polo

Ghana has several paths for horseback at Lake Bosumtwi and other regions. All the tourists who love polo or enjoy watching the game go to the Accra Polo Club.

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