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Romantic Beach Resort Getaways in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Although Ghana is not well-known for its romantic getaways, several resorts are specifically meant for lovers and romantic sessions. The Volta river banks and the south coast are home to some fascinating romantic destinations and getaways. The famous romantic resorts in Ghana include;

Blue Diamond Beach Resort

The Blue Diamond Beach Resort neighbors an oat-white beach and the Atlantic ocean. This resort features swung seats that are large enough to accommodate two people. Blue Diamond Beach Resort is well-known for preparing unique seafood delicacies, including grilled tilapia, lobster, and many others. The remaining hotel ingredients fare got from a local garden. It is a fantastic choice for a romantic getaway.

Coconut Grove Beach Resort

Beautiful coconut trees surround the coconut Grove Beach resort. There are plenty of coconuts at this resort which is collected at a small shy near the sand. Most lovers enjoy drinking from coconut tops. Private sunset dinner on the beach and grilled seafood lunch are the most romantic scenes at this resort. It is a fascinating destination that you can consider for a romantic getaway. It is situated in Elmina city.

The Royal Senchi Resort

It is Situated on the Banks of the beautiful volta river. This resort offers a calm and serene romantic environment for bonding with your partner. All the rooms at the Royal Senchi Resort are made in a lovely manner, with a balcony that faces the river. The staff and the management can organize a guided speed boat ride across the Volta River for all interested visitors. Lovers enjoy taking a drink at the Tree Terrace. At night the resort is candlelit, with lovers seated around the open-air seats around the sturdy baobab tree trunk.

Lemon Beach Resort, Elimina

Lemon Beach is a beachside hotel in Elimina town. It is well-known for its superb facilities such as a pool, bar, Free-wi-Fi, and a restaurant. The resort has both villa and continental rooms, and it is the visitors’ choice of where to stay. The villa rooms are traditionally made with thatched roofs, while the continental rooms are modern with mirrored windows and scenic views of the Atlantic sea. Lemon Beach Resort is well-known for preparing lemon cocktails for its visitors. Visitors can make orders from the comfort of their rooms or sunbed by clicking on the red button.

White Sands Beach Resort and Spa

The White Sands Beach Resort and Spa feature ten suites and chalets. The tropical environment is favorable for visitors on honeymoon or friends who want to bond. The resort features modern pools and a private garden. Although the resort has two significant restaurants, most lovers consider dining alone in their gardens. The staff prepares candlelit dinners at least once for visitors before leaving their premises. It is approximately one hour drive from the great Accra city.

Aqua Safari Resort, Ada Foah

It is a famous romantic getaway spot on the sandy banks of the river Volta. It features a restaurant, bar, and a modern pool. Aqua Safari Resort offers lovers packages such as a fruit platter, a horse ride, and a river cruise. The staff lights a bonfire along the beach as couples enjoy dinner at tables near the fire. Most rooms at this resort are designed in such a way that couples relax on the balconies while enjoying some fantastic views from the neighboring areas.

Lou Moon Resort

Lou Moon Resort neighbors green forests with exceptional services for lovers. It is among the most preferred choice for most lovers. Lou Resort is well-equipped rooms, suites, and villas where tourists can spend quality time. The room offers fantastic views from the balconies and incredible sunset views.

Private jacuzzi sessions, evening bonfires, and sunset watching are all major romantic packages.

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