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Sonnie Badu reveals why he doesn’t live in Ghana.

by The Ghana HIT

Sonnie Badu has disclosed the reason he no longer lives in his home country, Ghana. The international pastor and artist living in the USA. He said that the young people of Ghana have a poor mindset, and therefore he decided to live in the USA.
“Young people dare to disrespect, it doesn’t move me, it doesn’t touch me because I know them, you have others jumping yaay, yippie, but I know the mindset. I know the mindset of my people that’s why I don’t live there.”

“But think about it, if we keep going on this way, will our nation move on. If we keep on going this way, especially in Ghana, killing our hero’s, somebody dares to question my presidential lifetime achievement award, honorary citizenship, keys to the City of Brentford.”

Besides, he also addressed a young YouTuber who posted a video disrespecting preachers and musicians. Sonnie Badu requested the young YouTuber to respect others. “The young man called Kwadwo Sheldon, I’m here for violence, brother man, I respect you. I love the work you do, but please respect others as well please do that. You don’t go and insult me, I have never insulted you before, I am much older than you, you don’t insult me.”

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