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T.B Joshua has denied predicting Mahama’s 2020 victory

by The Ghana HIT

Popular Nigerian preacher T.B Joshua has denied reports that he predicted Mahama’s victory in 2020 elections. The man of God said that he had not made such an announcement on any platform. According to a statement from the prophet: “It has been the attitude of some people in Ghana to use my name to promote themselves. The same thing happened in the past. What you did not hear from a prophet of God and you claim he said it is a sin against the Holy Spirit. What will you gain from this? If you don’t retract this, the Holy Spirit will judge you.

“Remember, the Bible says in John 8:44 that satan is ‘the father of lies’. Don’t listen to the father of lies, the sons of lies, and the daughters of lies. Do not sit somewhere, hear this, or that, and come to a hasty conclusion. I have not said anything concerning this upcoming election in Ghana” T.B Joshua concluded.

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