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Teams to be charged for Using Accra Sports Stadium

by The Ghana HIT

In a statement signed by Prof. Peter Twumasi, the Director-General for the National Sports Authority (NSA), Ghana Premier League teams will be charged for using the Accra Sports Stadium. The decision to charge teams for using the Accra Sports Stadium will see teams pay for their 2020/2021 football season matches costs based on the categories they have been placed in.

Management would like to bring to your notice and attention of fees as well as terms and conditions associated with the usage of the Accra Sports Stadium involving Premier League matches. Matches between Hearts and Kotoko and National teams (i.e Black Stars, Meteors, Black Queens etc) are group under Category A, whilst matches between Hearts and Kotoko versus other Premier League clubs are grouped under Category B and matches between other clubs excluding Hearts and Kotoko are grouped Category C,” the statement communicated.

The announcement on charging teams for using Accra Sports Stadium clearly stated that; category A matches will stick to the already existing sharing formula while categories B and C home matches to pay ¢20,000.00 and ¢15,000.00 respectively per game. The statement further indicated that Category C matches comprise all the matches in division one and any other special match.

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