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The Best Attraction Sites in Amedzofe

by The Ghana HIT

Amedzofe is a beautiful scenery surrounded by stunning tourist attractions. It is a cool tourist destination with several fascinating attraction sites. Amedzofe connects through Volta Regional Capital city, Ho, which is only thirty-five kilometers for Ho City. You can access Amedzofe from Ho city using a bus, although they rarely commute to this place. Besides, you can board a taxi from Hoe to Hohoe, alight at Dzolokpuita, and then hike eight kilometers to Amedzofe. Additionally, you hire a private car and a driver to take you there. The best attractions include;

Mt. Gemi Amdzofe

Mt.Gemi is a must-visit in Ghana. Mt.Gemi Amdzofe is a great place to go hiking, and besides, you can go for regular exercise on this mountain. While at the peak of this stunning mountain, you get scenic views of the Volta Plain and the nearby towns. It is a beautiful and breathtaking experience to climb to the peak of Mt. Gemi Amdzofe and view the sun rising and setting. The weather around this mountain is lovely.

Mt.Gemi Amdzofe played a crucial role during the Ashanti wars, and the history is still alive through stories. At the top of the mountain is a 12-foot iron cross established by the German Americans in 1939. The best time to climb this mountain is early morning because it has no shade at that time.

Ote Falls Amedzofe

Ote Falls is a favourite tourist spot in Amedzofe. It is approximately 80 meters tall, and the falls lay on a canyon rock. The Waterfalls are situated in the Eastern part of Amedzofe near Ho city. Well-trained guides help visitors explore these falls and have a memorable visit. It is only forty-five minutes from Mt.Gemi to arrive at Oti Falls. Hiking to Oti Falls demands energy because it involves going through a thick tropical forest.

During the hike, visitors get a chance to see various bird species, butterflies, and exotic flowers. Most visitors enjoy hiking through the picturesque bush trails for several days at this place to access Avatime and the nearby towns. The fall’s path is somehow sheltered. The best time to tour oti falls is between May and November because water levels are high. The water volume is low or even dry from January to March.

Tafi Abuife Kente Village

Tafi Abuife Kente Village is a beautiful site to visit during your tour in Amedzofe. There are various guides who are well-trained and full-knowledgeable about Kente cloth, they receive visitors and take them around this village. Tourists get a chance to witness the entire Kente weaving process. You can directly ask the weavers or your guide any questions related to this process. Visitors can request permission to take videos and pictures of the weaving process. Besides, they get a chance to purchase some original kente clothes at a lower price.

Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary

Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary is sacred grove conservation that was started in 1993. It is home to various monkey species, but the common ones are Mona and Patas. Although it is so interesting to interact with monkeys, it is advisable to be careful because they can snatch your personal belongings.

Accommodations, meals and refreshments are readily available in Amedzofe. There are guesthouses where visitors can spend their nights. These accommodations feature quality amenities favourable for relaxation and enjoyment. Besides, if visitors do not want spend stay at the guest houses, camping and homestay can be planned by the visitor’s staff. Local cuisines and other meals are prepared in most restaurants around this Amedzofe. All the tourist attractions sites can be visited any day between 6.00 am to 5:30 pm.

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