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The Best Way To Prepare For Kwahu Festival

by The Ghana HIT

Kwahu is the most famous Easter vacation location. This place is generally crowded with people from various regions of Ghana and the world during Easter. If you plan to visit Kwahu this Easter season, there are several things to consider to make your visit successful. The Best way to prepare for Kwahu Festival;

Have a Budget for the Tour

When traveling, it is advisable to come up with a budget and ensure that you stick to it throughout the vacation. Although it is not a familiar scene in Ghana, some visitors end up spending their money carelessly, and then they are forced to sell their personal belongings, such as shoes, clothes, and expensive accessories, to raise money. Budget will guide you on what to do based on the charges; you work under budget.

Create a list of all the activities you intend to take part in.

The most recommendable way to enjoy an event is to come up with a solid plan. Kwahu Easter festival offers many activities, including exploring other tourist attractions, mountain hikes, paragliding, quad biking, and many others. A well-planned list of all the events you intend to attend saves you time and guides you during all the days of your vacation. You should not just join an event because it seems interesting. After all, you might not have the anticipated fun and entertainment.
The Kwahu festival runs for approximately four days; therefore, you should take time to plan for yourself. Lack of a good plan can result in a monotonous experience.

Book Accommodation in Advance

The Kwahu Easter Festival is among the most significant ceremonies in Ghana, and a large number of people travel to Kwahu. Most hotels and accommodation places in and near Kwahu are fully booked seven days before the event; therefore, if you wait till the last minute, you will spend the night in undesirable places or far from Kwahu, which might be expensive. You can search for hotels situated in Kwahu, compare the charges and their facilities, and book prior to your visit. Besides, you can contact a travel agency to help you book your preferred accommodation.

Most tourists wait till they arrive in Kwahu to find where they spent the night. It is advisable to book hotels and guest houses in advance to avoid last-minute rush and confusion. Book your hotel a few weeks or months ahead of the Kwahu Paragliding festival if you genuinely want to have the best experience of the event.

Be ready to interact with people.

Easter is a time to join friends and family to enjoy yourself; it is not a time to be alone. Apart from the famous Kwahu Paragliding festivals, there are other events that are scheduled to take place during the Easter season, and therefore, you can have fun with friends. You can search for all the events online and choose the ones that favor you the most. If you are traveling alone, you can try to make some friends to make your experience more exciting and fun. Always ensure that you create memories.

Take care of your belongings.

No one is responsible for taking care of your stuff. Your sole responsibility is to take care of all your items, especially when interacting with strangers. It is advisable to leave your expensive belongings in the hotel’s lockers or at the front desk. Some tourists raise a concern about their robbed items after their return from Kwahu Festival, and therefore if you are planning to participate in this year’s festival, stay alert and watchful of all your belongings.

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