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The Best Ways to Spent Holidays in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Holidays attract many people from various parts of the world. Ghana is a perfect destination for holidays, with exciting activities and sites to explore. There are a couple of options for spending holidays in Ghana, ranging from family fun to adventure.

Organize a Getaway tour.

Plan a getaway with your friends to a calm place to relax and have fun. Taking a delicious meal while bonding in a quiet environment with your loved ones and friends is incredible. Besides, you can join the famous Kwahu paragliding festival held every year during the Easter holidays. The paragliding festival organizers anticipate receiving a significant number of tourists this year. Kwahu has consistent and fantastic flying conditions that offer great stress-free flying time.

The Kwahu Paragliding Festival involves two days of adrenaline-pumping paragliding over the mountains, hiking at the tallest peaks and waterfalls in Ghana, and exploring historical sites and structures. Besides, all participants and tourists are entertained by live musical concerts, local dances, and traditional games.

Tandem flights are the best option for first-time paragliders or anyone who desires to experience the joy of paragliding without committing to a complete training course. These flights are accompanied by experienced pilots.

If you plan to attend this year’s Paragliding Festival, you can book with the leading travel agencies and operators linked to this event. You should be aware that the charges of visiting Ghana during this time are somehow expensive because service providers take advantage of the many people visiting Ghana. Hiking, horse riding, and biking are among the most exciting activities you can engage in during Easter weekend.

Prepare Easter Baskets

Easter baskets are meant to be shared with friends, family, and the less fortunate. It is an exciting activity that can be done during the Easter holiday. You can fill up your sharing baskets with good things such as foodstuffs, clothes, and small toys and then share them with your friends or the people around you. Easter baskets bring a broad smile to the faces of the people attending. Besides, you can invite them to your home to share meals and drinks.

Plan a Movie night

You can choose some family movies or entertainment shows. It is an exciting type of entertainment that strengthens family bonds. Easter-related movies are the best choice to watch.

Organize a Trivia Game

Trivia is an incredible gathering with close family, relatives, and friends. It is mainly held at night and involves tackling Easter themed-questions and facts. The trivia game is conducted in two or more teams, depending on the number of participants. The questions help determine Easter’s knowledge, and the winning team is crowned.

Kids are not left out during the Easter festive, and they are offered a fantastic time to interact with each other and have fun playing. Besides, there are entertainment events specifically meant for small kids, such as biking, jumping on bouncy castles, hunting for Easter eggs, painting t-shirts, swimming, taking pictures, and watching movies associated with the Easter season.

Some event organizers plan for comedy shows and invite the best comedians across the globe. Comedy is an excellent way to help people relieve stress and socialize. Most comedy shows are held during the Easter weekend, and since it attracts many people, purchasing your entry ticket in advance is advisable. The charges are friendly, and anyone can attend. Easter parties are generally lively, and they are mainly held the Easter Sunday, accompanied by live music performances, fireworks, dancing, and bonfire.

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