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The Distinctive Activities that You will Experience in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a beautiful African country with some exceptional experiences to offer to tourists. It is a preferred tourists destinations because of the various distinctive features. Most tourists, especially first-time visitors, find the following activities phenomenal.

Exceptional Ghanaian Cocktails

Popular Ghanaian Drinks Make Their Way into… | Portland Center Stage

There are various types of cocktails brewed in Ghana, but the common ones are three. Most of the cocktails are strong, and therefore you should take your time. The homebrewers usually prepare the first type using amazing tropical favors such as Fresh pineapples, ginger, coconut, and hibiscus. It is very delicious and can be found at Republic bars. The second type of type is made with fresh palm wine from the local trees. Akpeteshie is a typical cocktail in Ghana made by the locals and is claimed to have several advantages to your health.

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Watching a Boxing Match at Bukom

Bukom is a famous worldwide boxing Centre for nurturing and producing the best boxers internationally. Bukon is a small region within Jamestown with a boxing pitch where locals meet to train or compete against each other. It is a refreshing moment for all tourists who like watching boxing.

Traditional Loom-weaving at Bonwire

KENTE: The Handwoven Cloth With Royalty In Its DNA, Made In Ghana

Most African countries started practicing weaving around 3000 years ago. Kente is a unique fabric introduced in the 17th century; it is attributed to the Ashanti people. The Akan Chief approved the ancient thick woven cotton fabric to be the certified cloth for important events such as funerals, marriages, and naming occasions. There are various types of Kente, and up to date, the traditional weavers still make the ancient fabric. Looms have been working in Bonwire since the 17th century. Visiting this town gives tourists an ideal picture of the traditional weaving history.

Exploring the ancient German fort

The German fort is located in Princes Town; it’s high on a cliff overseeing a hardly trodden beach. Fort Gross Fredericksburg was the headquarters of the German-owned Brandenburg Africa Company. Today, the fort is used as a rest house, and at night beds are set up on the large terrace overlooking the sea. You experience great scenic views and views of the night sky. Besides, you can also enjoy freshly caught seafood.

Hiking at Mount Afadjato

Tourism Ministry, GTA organize hiking challenge on Afadjato

Mount Afadjato is the highest mountain in West Africa. Hiking Mount Afadjato to the top is not an easy task. You should plan at least four hours for the agile and around six hours for those somehow slower. The terrain varies (slithering slopes), and therefore each tourist is advised to wear good hiking shoes.

Surfing at Cape Three Points

The agreement among surfers is that the best waves to surf are along the Western region, specifically at the south tip of Ghana at Cape Three Points Peninsula. While Surfing at the Cape Three Points, you will spot whales and turtles. A short walk towards a private beach will take you to the rocks, where the waves are earned by a long sweep out in pristine waters. Mr. Bright’s Surf Institution, in coordination with Escape Three points Ecolodge residents, plans the best Surfing trips.

Walking around the excellent Canopy at Kakum Park.

Entire Africa only has two canopies, and Ghana is privileged to have one. The Kakum national park rainforest has a fantastic canopy. Additionally, the park has various bird species, monkeys, and forest elephants.

Exploring the exceptional Shai Hills

Akosombo And Shai Hills Experience

The Shai Hill caves is a minor savannah reserve at the edge of the city. The hills are a famous reserve for antelopes, deer, birds, and various baboons that line along the road to interact with tourists.

Visiting the largest artificial lake.

Lake Volta is the largest artificial lake internationally, formed with the excess water from the Volta River basin. The dam is surrounded by some beautiful Sceneries, hotels, and restaurants. The local fishermen use canoes for fishing in this area. It is easy to get a canoe and spend hours winding down tributaries.

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