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The Emerging Customer Communication Trends.

by The Ghana HIT

Live Chat

Live chat is one of the leading communication trends on most businesses’ websites. It is categorized as one of the best customer communication tools that result in customers’ total satisfaction. A large number of customers prefer reaching businesses through live chat rather than messaging or emails.

Customers depend on live chat for clarification while buying a product from online businesses because they receive quick responses to their questions. Live chatbot software is critical in modern industries because it helps businesses promote their items through short adverts and prudently created responses. Most customers’ questions are answered through the chatbot.
Implementing a live chatbot in a business helps compete with other similar businesses. The software lowers the support costs meaningfully.

Social Media Platforms.

Social media platforms are currently being used by many businesses to reach out to their customers. Most social media platforms have unique features and a marketplace for businesses to easily link with customers. A large percentage of customers are gradually choosing social media rather than other communication channels. Facebook revealed that 0.64% of consumers like messaging businesses instead of calling.

Some platforms like Instagram have some tools such as adding quick replies to frequently asked questions by customers; this assists in making the customer and business relationship process smoother. Customers love quick responses to their questions and also establish long-term relationships with their businesses.

Social media complaints are likely to get instant attention from business owners. These platforms have contributed significantly to better interactions between businesses and their customers and improved how competing firms interact.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is not only a marketing trend but also a customer communication trend. Displaying positive reviews on your business website is a famous way in which customer feedback can be used as a communication tool. Customer feedback and email marketing serve as great communication tools in businesses. Attach a customers survey form to a link to customers’ emails, and ask them to leave a review of their experience. Always encourage them to suggest ways to upgrade your customer service and communication.

Call Center Software

Call center software serves as an urgent option as a customer’s communication tool. Currently, people seek the call center software when all other communication options fail. It might be a slow way of communication, but it is among the most effective customer communication tools. Launching a call center might be somehow difficult for small businesses because they may not be able to hire enough technical management.

Establishing a call center software that would make accepting calls is so effective for your team. Most software has some fantastic features such as intelligent routing, call recording, and workforce management tools. This tool lowers the issues that might arise through phone calls when dealing with customers.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a trend that will become very popular in 2020. A direct connection with the customer service instead of messaging is among the most preferred ways of communication but most clients. It is more famous in Business-to-Business marketing and customer relationships. Approximately sixty percent of businesses currently use video calls for their daily operations, including internal communications. It is an excellent way of improving customer relationships.

Video chats have actually replaced phone calls when dealing with customers’ issues because they establish a direct and personal connection with the customers. It helps businesses cut the costs of running a remote team. It is a trend that improves the live customer relationships and also markets the businesses products through live samples. Besides, you can show customers how to set up the appliances through a video call and also help fix any issues that might arise while setting up the appliances.

Video Channels

Video channels such as YouTube relies on comments for feedback from their customers. How businesses respond to customers greatly determines their success. It is crucial to keep labels on comments to see which words are relevant and that might need instant responses.

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