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The Fascinating Aburi Botanical Gardens

by The Ghana HIT

Are you planning to visit Ghana and wondering which are the best tourists attractions to explore?

Are you wondering where exactly you can go to experience the Fascinating history and meet welcoming individuals?

If yes, Aburi Botanical Gardens in Ghana is the ideal destination.

The Aburi Botanical gardens were established in 1890 as a Spa for the Gold Coast government officials. The gardens have served various roles over the years, such as carrying training on the current agriculture methods and being a significant center of cocoa production in South Ghana. The Aburi Botanical gardens are located on the Akwapim-Togo Range of Ghana, which is around forty-five minutes’ Drive from the capital city of Ghana, Accra. It is famous for bird and butterfly viewers. The gardens are in a cool and calm location. It is a wonderful place for all the people who like luxurious life and a memorable holiday.

The first thing that meets your eyes on your way to this garden is the gorgeously lined royal palm trees on both sides of the road. The palms trees were planted recently and are not among the old plants of this region. The silk cotton braid is the only surviving species of the original forest that occupied the Aburi Hills.

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Aburi Gardens is a fascinating cool destination situated in an amazing region with an excellent grand setting. The gardens are home to various species of Birds, Butterflies, and other feathered animals. The combination of native and exotic trees of global importance and beneficial advantages is among the most significant features of Aburi Gardens.

The colonizers initially used the Aburi Botanical gardens as a retreat for special guests. It was also used by other people who preferred staying away from the busy city during the colonial era. The town has an excellent environment that attracts many Ghanaian citizens and other foreigners to go and relax in this area.

The Aburi Botanical Gardens is an ideal destination for tourists who like a picnic; because they only need to spread their blanket under the 160-year-old kapok trees. Besides, it is a wonderful place for cycling activities. It is among the must-see tourist attraction whenever you visit Ghana and to other local tourists.

The gardens have several fascinating features such as Bush House, a Rock House, a lover’s lane, a retired helicopter, a ficus tree, and a horticulture school, which motivate most tourists to spend time here whenever they visit Ghana. The peaceful atmosphere offers a great opportunity for lovers’ cookouts.

Most people from Ghana and other nations travel during national holidays to tour and relax at the Aburi Botanical gardens. To ensure that you gratify your curiosity, you should physically visit the place rather than being told by friends. There is an ancient hotel in this garden to get your meals, drinks, and even accommodations. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and ready to assist you in any way. A visit to the Aburi Botanical Gardens is a complete adventure that brings great peace and maximum relaxation.

The tourists can explore this garden alone or explore with a trained guide who will tell you more about the history, creation, and progress of the Aburi Botanical Gardens. Most tourists travel to see some of the oldest trees around this area. Aburi is on a higher altitude, and therefore it is cooler compared to the other neighboring areas. While at this place, you should enjoy the amazing view while climbing the hillsides of Aburi, which offer scenic views of the Greater Accra.

Currently, the Aburi Botanical Gardens plays a critical role as one of the 1800 botanical gardens across the Globe. It is among the top gardens in the world trying to save plant assortment through research, preservation of medicinal plants, plant multiplication, and ecological education.

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