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The Fascinating Boti Falls

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a beautiful holiday destination in west Africa. There are various reasons why you should visit Ghana and one of the reasons is Boti Falls. Boti Falls is formed from River Pawnpawn. The river originates from Ahenkwa-Amalakpo and meanders over an eruptive rock outcrop at the Boti Langmase. A white Catholic priest discovered these falls after many years of being hidden in a forest. The white priest used the base of the falls as an entertainment ground alone and with his friends. Boti Falls is seventeen kilometers northeast of the eastern regional capital, Koforidua. It is approximately one hour and thirty minutes from Accra city to Boti Fall, depending on your transport.

Boti Falls is the most beautiful and popular fall in the eastern region of Ghana. The first president of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, made a visit to Boti Falls in 1961 and was stunned by the beauty and magnificence of these falls. He, therefore, ordered the regional commissioner to build a rest house at the falls.

Boti features two falls, the upper falls, and the lower falls. The lower falls are more famous compared to the upper falls. The people around these Falls describe the lower falls as male and female. The male and female falls meet in a ‘mating ceremony’ whenever the water volume is high, particularly during the rainy season. The mating ceremony is graced by the rainbow resulting from the water splashing from these falls. It is a beautiful ceremony that attracts many tourists from various places worldwide. Tourists go down a slope with more than seventy stairs. It is an excellent exercise to use these steps, especially for people who have not done exercise for a long period. There is a pool that is at the base of the falls that offers amazing refreshing and cooling for all visitors. Besides, you can take a bath at this pool.

The are other significant tourist attraction sites available around these Falls, and therefore tourists are not just limited to the Boti Falls but also explore different places. The umbrella rock and the three-head palm tree are the other fascinating sites around these falls. The locals mutually developed these additional attraction sites to improve tourists’ experience and attract more visitors to this area. The umbrella rock is only thirty minutes from the falls. The three-head palm tree is a distinctive tree described as the ‘Siemens’ of its life. The head of these trees takes turns in bearing fruits each year. It has never happened that those two heads of this tree bear fruits simultaneously.

Two guides are ever available to offer guided tours to the visitors. The forest provides calm surroundings for all the people who want to meditate and reflect on their lives. Currently, the falls are under new management, and therefore most people of Ghana go for picnics at these falls. The management offers summer huts for all the people going for a picnic. If you plan to spend holidays and anniversaries at the falls, you should have no doubts because you will be well-catered. Local vendors at the falls sell food and drinks, so it is not a must for you to carry packed food from home. Most of the food vendors prepare local dishes, and therefore this gives foreigners a great chance to taste and enjoy these meals.

The ideal time to visit Boti Falls is during the rainy season, from June to August. The water levels are high, and the two waterfalls merge in the middle by wallowing each other. If you do not get time to visit, you can visit any other time during the rainy season because you will still have an amazing time at this beautiful scenery.

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