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The Fascinating Islands in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Islands are beautiful regions of land surrounded by water. Ghana is a beautiful country with several fascinating islands that are worthy of being visited. The key islands in Ghana include:

Seva Island

Seva Island is one of the most attractive islands in Ghana, and the island receives a large number of tourists each year. The island occupies an area of around 2.7 square miles and it is among the collection of islands in Ghana. Seva is situated in Keta Lagoon in the Keta -Volta Region, it was surrounded by water for so many years, but today, a road penetrates through this island from Konu near Anyako.

Seva Island has several Sandy beaches where tourists can go to relax and enjoy the wonderful coastal climate. If you are looking for a cool place to spend your holiday with your loved one, then you should consider Seva Island in Ghana. Seva Island is a significant bird-watching site; various species of birds stop on this Island.

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The AME Zion was the first denomination to establish a church in the main town of this island. Besides, several schools were constructed by the church, and today the schools serve as the junior high school level. The residents of Seva Island were determined to receive a formal education, and they had to travel between Seva and Anyako using a canoe or by crossing the Lagoon to and from School.

Bobowasi Island

Bobowasi Island is a stunning island in Ghana; it is situated in the Axim Bay of the Atlantic. If you are planning to visit Ghana, Bobowasi Island should be your next destination. The Axim town and the Axim castle are only 1.8 km from Bobowasi Island. The island is north of the Watts Rock, East of Egwang Rock, and South of Mensell Hedwick rock. The climate of this region is favourable, and therefore you can schedule to relax at this place.

Originally the Bobowasi Island was a very dense forest, and there was no one living here. Human beings were not permitted to access the island because there were so many dwarfs residing in the forest. Arezi was a brave man living around this place, and one day he decided to visit this thick forest to confirm what was there. The dwarfs attacked Arezi, and he was left very weak on the Island. The following day his family went to look for him in Bobowasi island, and they found him still alive although very weak. The family said, “Bebo Arezi”, which means they have beaten Arezi. The island’s name originated from this incident. The name evolved over the years, and currently, it is known as the Bobowasi Island.

Dodi Island

Dodi Island is among the most famous islands in Ghana and a famous tourist destination. It is situated 5km from the shore of Lake Volta. Dodi is a gorgeous site where you can relax and have fun during your holidays in Ghana. This island is situated in the Eastern part of Ghana; it has a small population. A large number of the residents on this island mainly rely on fishing.

There are good hotels and restaurants around this island, where you can spend your nights. The hotels have an amazing staff, which can organize your other visits to other amazing places in Ghana. Both traditional and international meals are prepared here and depending on your preferences you can choose one.

Dodi island is a prominent Ghanaian cruise ship-Dodi Princess. The island offers amazing chances to both tourists and holidaymakers to explore nature and have fun. The volta lake is not far from this island, and therefore tourists experience amazing views of this lake from the island. Volta River can also be seen from Dodi Island; it has gorgeous banks. During your tour on this island, you can participate in fishing, swimming, or even riding canoes.

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