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The Fascinating Tourist Attractions in the Volta Region

by The Ghana HIT

The famous Volta Region is in the south-Eastern of Ghana. It is recognized for its scenic beauty and remarkable tourist attractions. The region has the best natural treasures ranging from rolling hills and valleys to lagoons, rivers, and waterfalls. The Volta Lake is in the east, the Atlantic Ocean in the south, the Oti region to the north, and the Togo region to the west of the Volta region. The Volta Region is recognized for the following features:

Scenic Natural treasures

The Volta Region is a beautiful highland packed with several remarkable natural attractions. It is a glorious region that everybody admires to visit. The key tourist attractions include crystal-clear rivers, stunning waterfalls, Coasts and beaches, and gardens. The famous kente fabric is made in this region. Most people get a chance of hiking the mountains and also see monkey sanctuaries.

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Volta region has greatly contributed to the growth and development of the recently established Kyabobo National Park. The Park is situated in the Nkwanta district of the Oti Region, which is 400km from Accra City. Kyabobo National Park is covered by green vegetation, forest, and savanna plants. Buffalo, kob, aardvark, baboon, lions, elephants, bongo, reedbuck, hartebeest, and warthog are the only animals in this park. The Park was set up to enhance the tourism capability of the Volta region.

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Relaxation and Fun

River Volta and Lake Volta are located to the west of the Volta region. Apart from providing power and water for the entire Volta region, Lake Volta is a famous recreational zone. Tourists ride canoes in River Volta guided by the local fishermen. Although not good enough for swimming, Volta has the best beaches in Ghana because the Atlantic coast sea is usually rough.
There are several resorts along the coast, where you can easily get your favorite meal in case you are hungry. Tourists get a chance of participating in water sporting, and also deep-sea fishing. Besides, they also get the opportunity of seeing crocodiles and marine turtles. The Wli Falls, Tsatsadu falls at Alavanyo, and the Tagbo falls are the other significant attractions in this region.


The Volta Region is well known for its cheerful festivals accompanied by great ceremonies. The Wli people usually hold a distinctive festival to thank God for the gift of water. The people of Anlos holds a famous Hogbetsotso festival which is a purification ceremony. The purification festival is normally held on the first Saturday of November each year, and it involves cleaning the villages, sweeping the streets, and burning garbage. The Anlos people perform a traditional Borborbor dance, while the chiefs wear Colorful Ceremonial attires and are honored by all the people during the festival’s last day. The Volta Festivals are a symbol of the diverse culture and heritage of these people.


Ho is the capital of the Volta Region, and it offers a great chance to all Tourists who want to learn more about Ghanaian Heritage. The ruins of the European castles and other ancient buildings still exist in this place. Other remains of the German colonial era are there. The regional museum is the ideal place where all tourists can learn all the history of this area.

The Rich Tradition of this Region

The Volta region has several ethical groups such as the Ewe, the Guan, and the Akan peoples. Kente is a famous traditional cloth knit by the Ewe and Ashanti tribes, and it portrays the rich traditions of this region and entire Ghana. Ewe Kente cloth is unique, with bold animal, human and symbolic designs well-knit into bright cloth. It is still a prestigious tradition worn during important religious and social events. Kente Cloth is among the main Ghanaian exports.

The climate and the weather conditions of the Volta region greatly vary from coastal plain on the Atlantic coast to arid climate in the north. Most tourists prefer this region because it’s Scenic natural treasures.

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