Home Business The Ghanaian Government has invested US $1.4 billion in Water projects.

The Ghanaian Government has invested US $1.4 billion in Water projects.

by The Ghana HIT

Cecilia Abena Dapaah, the minister of Sanitation and water (MSWR), has revealed that the government is presently investing around US$1.4 billion in fourteen urban water supply projects and six key rural water supply in the country. Upon completion, the projects are anticipated to benefit around 4.87 million citizens.

The minister of Sanitation and water made this announcement on Monday during a press conference, in commemoration of this years’ Global water day. The theme of the day was, “valuing Water” and was conducted at the conference hall of the MSWR.

Cecilia Abena Dapaah disclosed that the government is focusing at “increasing investment in the roll-out of the climate-resilient water infrastructure systems, which will reduce wastage in freshwater use; thus, a shift towards environmentally sustainable policies, taking into account interconnections among ecological systems and reducing pollution as well as promoting efficient water treatment technologies that reduce the use of water and improve the quality of water, and in effect, ensuring that citizens have the water they need to lead healthy, happy and protected lives.”

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