Home Sports The Hearts of Oaks has sacked their team manager.

The Hearts of Oaks has sacked their team manager.

by The Ghana HIT

The latest football news reveals that the team manager of Hearts of Oak, Sabahn Quaye has been sacked. In the past few days, the football giants have been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Yesterday, one of the leaders disclosed that they have dismissed their head coach Kosta Papic. Furthermore, Ben Owu, the goalkeepers’ trainer has also been sacked, and will no longer be offering his services to Hearts of Oak.

Besides, during the late hours of Yesterday, information from various sources indicated that team manager Sabahn Quaye was also been dismissed by the team. According to the sources, the long-serving manager exposed some board members of the team, during an emergency meeting for handling the selection of coaches in the team in the wrong manner. The exposed board member was not happy, and therefore they forced his sack from the club.

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