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The ideal 2023 packages in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Beautiful Ghana is a vibrant West African nation with unique tourism packages for January. All the experiences tourists have in Ghana are amazing enough to create memories that will last. Although January does not fall under the high tourism season in Ghana, it is one of the best months to tour Ghana, especially when you want to avoid crowding.

Fishing and Enjoy the Beach

Volta Estuary is a fascinating region in Ghana with beautiful beaches and great picnic spots sheltered by palm trees. It is so soothing to relax on any of these beaches. Fishing is an exciting leisure activity and a critical source of income in some regions of Ghana. You can arrange a fishing exercise through your accommodation staff to go out with the local fishermen to get fish.

Tour Tafi Atome

Tafi Atome village is home to a large number of Monkeys. The Mona Monkey is a common species that is naughty and friendly to everyone. This monkey sanctuary is within a Tropical rainforest with many native flora and fauna.

Watch Live performances

The National Theater is a significant centre that hosts great concerts and shows worth watching. Watching perfect dance performances, entertainment plays, and live music bands are so interesting. Some of the biggest talents in Ghana were nurtured in Ghana’s National Theater. National Theatre players and famous National Dance companies mainly rely on this theatre.

Witness Marine-Life at Volta River

Volta River offers a fantastic chance to all tourists visiting this region to watch turtles and also catch large Nile Perch or any other fish. Besides, tourists get a chance to view Ada Foah village from a better position while relaxing at luxurious beach resorts.

Discover Natural Wonders.

There is a wide range of natural wonders in Ghana, for instance, Lagoons, various bird species, and wild animals. The Owabi Forest Reserve and Bird Sanctuary host more than one hundred and sixty bird species. Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary has impressive, enthralling Bomfobiri Falls that attract many nature lovers from all over the world. It is exciting to watch the magnificent Songow Lagoon.

Enjoy Surfing At Kokrobite

Kokrobite is home to the famous beautiful beach such as the Langma. In addition, Kokrobite has some of the most popular beaches in West Africa. It is approximately one hour from the great Accra city to Kokrobite. Big Milly’s Backyard is a Beachfront hotel that grants cool accommodations, along with a bar and restaurant where tourists, volunteers, and other locals like to unwind.

The famous Mr. Bright’s Surf Shop and School offers gear rental and lessons to tourists who want to experience the famous international Surf Day waves. Kokrobite is an excellent platform for both surf experts and learners. You can wind up your visit to Kokrobite by swimming and relaxing at the famous Kokrobite Garden.

Cross the Canopy trail at Kakum National Park

The Kakum National Park is a thick tropical rainforest situated in the southern Region of Ghana. It hosts over forty mammal species, such as Forest buffalo, civets, meerkats, and forest elephants. Kakum National Park is incredible birdlife with over two hundred and fifty varied species.

The top reason tourists visit this national park is to experience the Canopy trail, which is suspended thirty meters above the ground. The trail is three hundred and fifty long; it is a series of several bridges. The trail offers an exceptional view of the Kakum’s vegetation and flowers. It is advisable to take a guided tour for a clear understanding of the various medicinal purpose of the park’s plants. There is a campsite in this park where visitors can spend their night for fun or whenever they are late.

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