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The Impact of Demographic and Technological factors on the growth of Tourism in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Globalization, automation, digitalization, and industrialization have contributed significantly to the increase of leisure time and reduced cost of travel hence the growth of tourism. Internet and digitization are key factors boosting the development of the travel industry.

The power to explore various destinations and cultures before visiting and make informed decisions about their travel plans and comforts has positively impacted the industry. Tourists get a chance to analyze hotels, check other tourist reviews, and research local food.


Demographic is the composition of a population in a country; it plays a significant role in the tourism industry. It includes gender, age, income level, family members’ earnings, nationality, culture, climate, and food habits. For instance, a family’s income is a huge determinant of the amount of money spent on travel, the place of travel, the nature of travel, the time spent at the destination, and the reliability of the travel agency.

Statistics indicate that high-income earners gather all the information from the internet and other sources before traveling. Some of the information gathered includes accommodations, the best time to travel, the recommended mode of transport to travel, tourists’ attractions, and the activities you can participate in. After acquiring all the information, some tourists book their vacation and accommodations prior to traveling. In contrast, low-income travelers do not take time to do research before traveling. They usually travel to unpopular destinations with low-priced facilities and cheap services.

The age of tourists is another demographic factor affecting the tourism industry. Not all tourists’ destinations and activities suit all age group groups. For instance, young people like travelling to a destination where they can fully enjoy or engage in lively activities such as hiking, cycling, rafting, paragliding, swimming, and horse riding. Such destinations do not favor older people because they only prefer relaxing during their vacation.

Gender is a significant demographic factor that determines the status of the tourism industry. You can always tell when many female tourists visit a certain destination and when male tourists, their difference is so noticeable. The shopping trend of a certain destination is a key determinant of the gender visiting that region. Many shopping places such as souvenir shops indicate that area receives a huge number of tourists compared to male visitors.

Besides, the size of a family impacts the growth of tourism. A couple in a destination only limit themselves to specific things under their budget or depending on their interest. On the other hand, a family with kids ends up spending more during a vacation because children are curious and excited to explore everything.

The tourists’ home country is also determining the preferences and choices for means of transport, leisure activities, and accommodation. For example, white people are attracted to culture, tradition, and history, while British tourists prefer having fun by participating in leisure and entertainment activities.


The technological aspects of tourism include improved mode of communication, digital mass media techniques, enhanced means of transport, faster accessibility, and better basic facilities. The swift increase in online booking trends has transformed the tourism industry and resulted in significant growth.

Technology is one of the key factors impacting the growth of the tourism business, dealers have acquired only platforms where they avail all the services and products to their customers, and most visitors are shifting from the traditional ways to adapting the modern methods of doing business. The level of online booking is growing each day following the competition from the suppliers and the awareness of the better price deals.

The enhancement of the online markets has resulted in a drastic increase in holiday booking, airlines, and railway bookings. Travel blogs and social media play a key role in advertising destinations and offering an online tour to all potential tourists.

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