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The incredible adventure to look out for in Ghana in 2022

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is among the most beautiful countries in west Africa, with a lot of things to do and explore. Although there are so many places to explore, there are some incredible adventures that are worth to be explored.

Aburi Botanical Gardens

Aburi Botanical Gardens is situated in Northern Ghana, and it is an incredible adventure worth your visit. Although there are several exciting activities to participate in, relaxing in this natural and calm environment turns the whole experience to be more epic.

The botanical gardens have some rare tree species and other plants. Visiting this place as a group makes the experience more exciting. Bicycle riding with friends and family is among the best fun activities. The gardens feature a waterfall where people go hiking. Tourists enjoy the spectacular view of Accra and all the surrounding area while relaxing from the top of the waterfall. It is an incredible place for relaxing during a vacation to Ghana.

The Treasure Island and Ada Beach

The Treasure Island and Ada beach are incredible adventures situated in Ada town. Treasure Island is an excellent site with many exciting treasures to try out. The island features a water slide that you can enjoy with your kids. Besides, there is an aqua-safari, a beach, and restaurants that prepare delicious meals.

Its surrounding is so calm; hence it is an ideal place for lovers, friends, and family vacations. If you are planning for a family trip, then this should be your destination because your children will definitely enjoy all the activities available on this site, especially horse riding.

Shai Hills Natural Reserve

Shai Hill Natural Reserve is situated in Great Accra. It is a beautiful sight that is worth your visit. The reserve is home to several wildlife species and climbing to the top of these hills gives you a spectacular view of the surrounding regions. Some exciting activities at this reserve include biking experiences, hiking, and scheduled camping trips.

It is an ideal destination for all people who love nature and calm environments. Shai hills Natural reserve is an incredible adventure for all people who like exploring caves and hills and taking cool pictures in beautiful places. It is a paradise that you should visit.

Dodi island

Dodi Island is only five kilometers from Lake Volta and can only be accessed through a cruise. People excitingly cruise on Lake volta until they arrive at Dodi Island. There is a variety of foods to eat before arriving on the island.

People dressed in African clothes welcome all visitors to Dodi Island, singing and dancing. There are various exciting activities that you can experience on the island. The environment is conducive for all ages; therefore, you can visit this island with your family, friends, or colleagues. There are several bouncy castles where children go to enjoy themselves. Additionally, there is plenty of fields where visitors can enjoy various games.

Deon Recreational Centre

Deon Recreational centre is situated at Lashibi in great Accra. It is an incredible destination in Ghana that offers visitors lots of fun and activities. Everything in this center is available at an affordable price. Some activities include kayaking, quad biking, swimming, and jungle biking.

Although it is still under construction, the center has a lot to offer, and therefore if you are organizing a family, friends, or group trip to Ghana, you should include this place in your site. It is a good place where you can enjoy yourself. The site has the largest swimming pool in Ghana, so anyone can swim without fear of drowning.

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