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The Key Birding Sanctuaries in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is home to various rare bird species. The West African Country has several types of birds that are not found in any other place. It has over seven hundred bird species in different parks and birds’ sanctuaries. Ghanaian birding tour guides are professionals who are familiar with all the bird species. Most of the guides grew up around the gardens and had excellent knowledge about all the birds. Birds are more active and vocal at dawn or dusk; this is the best time to visit the Sanctuaries. The key Birding Sanctuaries in Ghana include:

Tono Dam

Tono Dam is famous for Marine birds. The dam is near Navrongo, and it is well-known for housing the extremely rare birds in the world. The birds found in this dam include the Comb Duck, Nother red-billed hornbill, Yellow penduline-tit, Common chiffchaff, Melodious Warbler, African yellow white-eye, Chestnut-bellied starling, Namaqua Dove, Spur-winged Goose, and European turtle dove.

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Xavi Bird Sanctuary

The Xavi Bird Sanctuary is situated near Keta Lagoon; it is famous for its scarce bird species. It provides beautiful spots for tourists to view the stunning birds. It is home to over 90 bird species. The canoe ride at Lotor river offers a lovely chance for tourists to see the uncommon birds in the natural environment. It is a fascinating destination for bird watching.

Ankasa Protected Area

It is situated near Ivory Coast; it is a famous birdwatching site with over 190 bird species. The Ankasa reserve receives the most rainfall in Ghana. It is home to the Yellow-bearded greenbul, Tailed bristlebil, the White-bellied kingfisher, African finfoot, Great blue turaco, white-breasted Guinea, and Casqued Hornbill. Besides, the Ankasa Reserve is home to various wild animals such as Monkeys, Antelopes, and elephants.

Owabi Forest Reserve

The Owabi Forest Reserve surrounds the Owabi Water reservoir in Kumasi town. This reserve grants tourists the chance of watching bird species and also experience long forest walks. Besides, tourists are also able to see other wild animals such as monkeys and antelopes.

Mole National Park

The Mole National Park Occupies 4875km sq; it is home to over 300 bird species. Most tourists prefer to go to this park because they are able to spot various types of birds at the same time. The Pygmy sunbirds, spotted creepers, Red-throated bee-eater, Winged Nightjah, Forbes plover, Orange cheeked, Northern puff back, Pale, and African Paradise Flycatcher is among the rare bird species that can be found in this park only.

Keta Lagoon

The Keta Lagoon is well known as the largest lagoon in Ghana. It is situated in the perfect place where tourists can see the various marine birds. Tourists can relax and watch the beautiful birds crammed between the skies and waters. The small islands offer a closer view of birds in their ordinary environment and provide a chance to explore the wild world in the mangrove forest. The C. minuta, Dendrocygna vinduata, egrets, herons are the primary species in this area.

Atewa Range Forest Reserve

The Atewa Range Forest Reserve is situated within Kumasi town. This forest reserve can only be accessed during the dry season, but many people still visit it during the rainy season due to its various wonders. It is a home to various winged animals such as birds and butterflies. The key bird species at Atewa Range Forest Reserve include Brown-checked hornbill, western nicator, Blackcap, African cuckoo hawk, African emerald, Red-chested Cuckoo, Blu-moustached bee-eaters, Green twinspot, Black-bellied seed cracker, Slender-billed, Dusty crested Frycatcher, Congo serpent eagle, among other species.

Kakum National Park

The Kakum National Park is home to over 400 different bird species. The scarce birds can be found in this park because it is a harmless environment. Kakum National Park has a fascinating sun path and thrilling canopy trail that leads tourists to the birds’ environment. The main bird species include the African grey parrot, the Akum Eagle Owl, the black spinetail, the long-tailed hawk.

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