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The Key Requirements to Travel to Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

According to many tourists, Ghana is an amazing holiday destination. It is a beautiful country in West Africa that you should consider including in your holiday destination if you have never been there. Its popularity as a tourist destination is greatly increasing. It is good to be well-prepared before travelling to Ghana to avoid getting into trouble. Some of the Key requirements to travel to Ghana include;

Getting a Yellow Fever and Covid-19 Vaccine

Covid-19 is a global pandemic that has claimed so many lives so far. The disease has been spreading so fast over the last two years; the Covid-19 vaccine was discovered to regulate this virus. Before going to Ghana for a holiday, ensure that you are fully vaccinated, and you have a certificate to avoid trouble at the borders. Besides, a Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate is also a requirement for all travelers from other countries. Without these certificates, you can be denied to enter Ghana.

Getting a Visa

Foreign tourists are not allowed to Enter Ghana without a Visa. This is one of the key requirements to get before you start planning to travel to Ghana. If you are not aware of this, find more information related to Ghanaian Visas and apply because it might take some time before receiving it.

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Beware of the Conversion Rates

The normal conversion rate from the US to Ghanaian Cedis is one dollar equals six Ghanaian Cedis. It is advisable always to download a currency converter app to remain updated on the latest conversion rates.

Ghana has over eighty Languages.

Ghana is considered a bilingual country with over seventy cultural groups and approximately eighty languages. Although Ghanaian languages are divided into two categories, English is the official language. The categories are: government-Sponsored and non-government-sponsored. The government-sponsored languages are Akan Languages, also known as Twi Languages; they include Dagaare, Dangbe, Dagbane, Ga, Kasem, Ewe, and Nzema. The other languages that are not sponsored by the government include Bimoba, Basaari, Anufo, Adele, Sisaala, and many others.

Ghanaian Power is not Stable.

Dumsor is a common, non-regular, and non-predictable electric power outage that often occurs, specifically in major cities such as Accra. The regular blackout results from a power supply shortage. You should be aware that power goes off, and your gadgets should always be fully charged whenever there is power.

Carry Mosquito Repellant with Deet

It is very important to be well prepared when traveling. Taking the right precautions against mosquitos and malaria that some mosquitos may be carrying is very essential because mosquitos are very risky in Ghana. Ensure that you carry Deet mosquito repellants because they are not common in Ghana. Always apply it often to prevent mosquitos from biting you.

There are Beautiful Beaches in Ghana

Ghana has a gorgeous seashore covering over three hundred miles along the Atlantic Ocean. The most preferred beaches by most tourists in Ghana include Labadi Beach, Bojo Beach, Kokrobite Beach, Cape Three Points Beach, and Cocoa Beach. If you love relaxing at the beach, there is a variety to choose from.

Learn the Ghanaian Greetings

The greeting is a sign of respect and appreciation for culture; therefore, it is good to learn the common Ghanaian greeting, such as saying thank you and how are you.

Ghanaians are Welcoming and Friendly

The people of Ghana are very friendly and welcoming. Despite the normal challenges, Ghanaians are known for their hospitality and respect. They are very happy to see tourists embrace their culture.

If you are going for a New Year Carry White Outfits

Ghanaians take holidays seriously, and they celebrate so much. During Christmas and New Year, it is so normal for Ghanaians to do a lot of celebrations and even light fireworks. Ghanaians welcome the new year in a unique style; all people put on white clothes whether they are going to church or even club; therefore, it is good to carry white clothes if the new year finds you there. According to Ghanaians, white represents new beginnings.

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