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The Leading Wildlife Areas in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is globally recognized for its amazing beaches, culture, history, kingdoms, and shrines, but the wildlife is left out. Ghana’s wildlife should be included in the top tourist attractions sites in Ghana. If you plan a wildlife tour to Ghana, you should at least dedicate a minimum of three to ten days to visit all the national parks and reserves across all the regions in Ghana. Several travel agencies are only committed to making all wildlife tours in Ghana successful and giving the best picture of the amazing Ghanaian tours.

Most wildlife centres in Ghana are situated far from the capital city, the great Accra. The wildlife destinations and parks are home to certain animal breeds; therefore, you can visit parks and reserves depending on the animals you want to see. The prominent tourist destinations include Mole National park for elephant safari, Kakum National park for birding tours, Shai Hills Resource Reserve, Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary in the Upper West Region, Crocodile ponds, and monkey sanctuary.

Mole National park is a popular home for elephants, and therefore if your sole reason for visiting Ghana is Elephants, this is the place to tour. Tourists are advised to dedicate at least three days of their wildlife tour to exploring the famous Mole National park. Two-morning safaris and two-afternoon safaris are enough to explore this entire park. Most tours range from $500 to $900, depending on where you reside during your vacation in Ghana. If you choose accommodation far from this park, the charges will definitely be higher.

Shai Hills is the nearest wildlife destination to the great Accra city. It is one of the leading wildlife destinations that you should include in your wildlife tour list in 2023. It is home to a large number of antelopes, zebras, baboons, and ostriches. Besides, fruit bat colonies also reside in the caves of Shai Hills. Shai is an amazing viewpoint for the beautiful Accra city and its neighbouring regions. Shai Hills is not that big; therefore, it can explore for approximately six hours. The charges for touring this gorgeous site start from $100 per person.

Wechiau Hippo sanctuary is home to many hippos and an ideal destination for a Safari tour. A complete safari demands a minimum of two days. Visiting the Wechiau hippo sanctuary during the dry season is advisable to avoid high water levels that make hippos hide. The best time to visit is between November and March.

The kakum National park is well known for its rainforest canopy walkway. It is home to various wild animals and a great hiking site because of its beautiful environment. Monkey sanctuaries host various monkey species. Monkeys are friendly animals, but it is good to be cautious when interacting with them because they can easily harm you or even grab some of your precious belongings.
Birding tours are extremely exciting, especially during the morning while they are chirping or before they wake up. It is not easy to spot birds during the day. Ghana has several butterfly sanctuaries that serve as a home to various bird species.

There are several interesting activities that can be done alongside wildlife tours, for example, hiking, especially at the parks situated in forests. The best time to go for a wildlife tour in Ghana is during the dry season because it is much easier to spot wild animals while looking for water. Besides, rainy seasons are somehow messy and difficult to move from one place to another. You should include Ghana wildlife tours in your vacation this year. Certain travel agencies focus on planning wildlife tours depending on their customers’ demands.

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