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The Most Amazing Things to Do in Ghana with Kids

by The Ghana HIT

When planning for a family trip to West Africa, Ghana should be on your destinations list. Most tourists like visiting the vibrant cities in Ghana, learning their interesting history and culture, and relaxing in the coastal regions. There are several things that you do during your family trip to Ghana.

Visit the Liberation Monument to learn its importance.

The Liberation Day monument is a monument situated in great Accra. The monuments were created to acknowledge all the experienced participants of the Burma Campaign held during the Second World War. The Commonwealth army conducted the campaign; the participants fought for the British Kingdoms. Some of the participants started a diplomatic protest after returning to Ghana, and they marched towards Christiansborg Castle. The Liberation was initiated in February 1966.

Take a Canopy Walk at Kakum National Park

It is an exciting experience to take a canopy walk at Kakum National Park with your kids. The Canopy walk at Kakum National Park comprises seven bridges covering more than 330 meters and more than thirty meters above the forest floor. A Canadian non-governmental organization constructed this canopy to capture parrots as a source of revenue.

Currently, the canopy walk is a key tourist attraction in Ghana and an important source of income and economic development in this region. Most tourists travel from across the world to take the canopy walk because it provides a stunning viewpoint to the visitors. Tourists get to walk along the narrow rope bridges several meters above the forest floor and a look at the magnificent scenery from a bird’s point of view.

There is a rain forest hotel within this park to accommodate tourists; it is the source of employment for many people in this region.

Watch Crocodiles at a Crocodile Garden

Crocodiles have been in existence for more than two hundred million years before Dinosaurs came into existence. Paga is a sacred region in Ghana, and it is home to harmless crocodiles. It is the only place in the world with harmless crocodiles and impressive and dangerous animals. Visiting this site with your family is an amazing adventure; interacting with the harmless crocodiles is interesting. Tourists are required to pay a small amount of money to the local tour guides so as to access this fascinating site; the money is used to buy a live chicken for the crocodiles.

Relax at the Coconut Grove Beach Resort

The Coconut Grove Beach Resort is situated in Elmina currently; it is a significant landmark in this city. Elmina is a historical town and home to the historical world heritage Elmina Castle and St Jago Fort. If you want to explore and learn Ghanaian history. You can relax and rest at this amazing resort during a family trip. It is a favorite spot for most distinguished persons.

Admire the Artwork at the Salve Museum in Cape Coast Castle

The Transatlantic Slave Trade was conducted during the colonial era to acknowledge the people who became victims of slavery. Ghanaian artist Kwame Akoto-Bamfo has been molding many faces to represent those who were stolen from their homes. Ada Foah was a major slave market during the 19th century when the British government ruled Ghana; today, most sculptures have been placed there.

The major goal of this artist is to capture the experiences and use art to communicate about the African People, where we are coming from and where we are, and where we are going. To ensure the history of Ada Foah remains alive, Akoto-Bamfo uses traditions from the Akan Tribe to create portraits.

Besides, during a family trip, you can learn about Kwame Nkrumah and visit the museum dedicated to him at the Nkwame Krumah National Park and visit the slave cell at Cape Coast Castle.

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