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The most exciting places for Retreat in Accra

by The Ghana HIT

Accra is an exciting place, with so many interesting tourist’s activities. Are you wondering where to hang out in Accra? If yes, we have the answer to your questions.

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

The Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park is in Accra; it has the late Dr. Kwame tomb and museum. The Tomb is the last resting place for Ghana’s first president, the museum houses a vast collection of pieces liked to the Ghanaian history. All the tourists who want to explore history should consider visiting the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park to have fun.

Achimota Golf Club

The Achimota Golf Club is a beautiful site for golf players and fans of golf. It offers a wonderful and fantastic environment to relax with friends after the game. Accra is a fascinating hangout place with well-maintained fairways and lands, making golf more exciting and fun.

Movenpick Hotel

Movenpick Hotel is a magnificent spot in Accra with outstanding facilities and services. The 5-star hotel offers a royal treatment to all guests; it has a calm environment and features public wi-fi. Art lovers are not left out because the Movenpick hotel features an art gallery that houses over two thousand unique Ghanaian art pieces. The restaurant offers well-prepared meals and a department store where all the guests can shop for items such as hair or clothes. It is among the most exciting spots in Ghana to hang out.

Arts Alliance Gallery

The Arts Alliance Gallery is a great gallery that houses various art collections such as Ghanaian clothing (Kente), furniture, and others. It is an exciting place for all art lovers to hang out and acquire Ghanaian pieces.

Sai Wine and Champagne Bar

The Sai Wine and Champagne Bar is an exciting hangout spot that serves various wines. Couples or a group of friends can choose this place because it offers quality wine and services. Besides, it is an excellent place for all the people who like taking snaps. The Wines and Champagnes range from exotic types from many places across the world to local wines in Ghana. Delicious snacks and sandwiches are also served alongside these drinks.

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LA Chaumiere

The LA Chaumiere is located at Liberation Road; it faces the Shangri La hotel. Accra is a famous hangout spot with rich French, and European Cuisines prepared from the best ingredients. The staff is very welcoming and friendly; it offers top-notch services to all its customers.

Goethe Institute

Goethe Institute is a German Cultural centre that has been in existence for over forty years. It is a wonderful spot for art lovers, facilitating numerous art exhibitions, dance, and music festivals. Art lovers will definitely love this hangout spot in Accra.

Labadi Beach

Are you craving to relax and enjoy the Coastal climate? If yes, Labadi Beach in Accra is the best place to consider visiting. It is a prominent beach well-known for its wonderful staff and excellent services. It offers numerous exciting activities that visitors can participate in.

Café Kwae

It is a great place to meet up for coffee. It is situated on the Ground Floor of one airport square. Offers several types of breakfasts such as sandwiches, salads, tea, coffee, among other options.

AM: PM Restaurant

The AM and PM restaurant is divided into two parts. The AM part commonly serves breakfast like the American-style breakfast and other morning meals (waffles and cakes). The PM is an evening section, mainly occupied during the evening hours. It serves well-prepared dishes such as chicken wings, burgers, and juicy cocktails. It is a beautiful friends’ hangout spot, either in the morning or evening.

Rock Stone’s Office

The Rock Stone Office is a bar and lounge in cantonment; it is situated behind Ghana police headquarters. The bar offers many types of wines and spirits. It is an ideal spot to drink with friends or go for night-outs.

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