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The Most Popular Scenic Waterfalls in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Waterfalls are among the Ghanaian natural treasures that most tourists seek to explore. The fascinating waterfalls are situated in different regions of Ghana. Some are in calm locations, while others are in open areas. The tourists who love nature find it amazing to explore the beautiful waterfalls in Ghana; if you are planning to travel to Ghana for a holiday, it is good to include waterfalls on your list.

Akaa Waterfalls

Akaa Falls | BreathList

The Akaa Waterfalls are seasonal; therefore, it is recommended to visit here after the rainy season because the flow is usually high. These falls are approximately 7000m from the Boti Falls. Akaa Falls can be accessed through a scenic 250 concrete steps to the bottom, whereby when the flow is heavy, a gorge of water can fall around you forming three margins. Viewpoint rock is a neighbouring attraction that you can visit once you are at these falls. It is often a fantastic experience to climb a scary bamboo ladder, but after reaching the top of the huge flat rock, you can view beautiful forests.

Asenema Waterfalls

Visit Ghana - Asenema Waterfall

Asenema Waterfalls is among the hidden sceneries in the tropical rain forest of the Akuapem Hills in Accra. It is a beautiful and easily accessible waterfall in the Eastern Region. Asenema Waterfalls are seasonal and has a high flow during the rainy season. Driving to Asenema Waterfalls is perfectly scenic, with fascinating views across the rolling hills, which are unique in this area. It is among the infrequently toured waterfalls in Ghana in spite of its attractiveness.

Boti Waterfalls

Boti Waterfalls are remarkable seasonal waterfalls located in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It was the first waterfalls to be registered by the National Tourist Board following its attractiveness. Boti Waterfalls is around 17km from Koforidua, the capital city of the Eastern region. This waterfall has two falls side-by-side and is accessed through 250 concrete steps to the bottom. A spirited walk to Umbrella Rock can be conducted from the visitor center. The rock offers remarkable views, especially during the cool morning hours.

Kintampo Waterfalls

Kintampo Waterfalls are seasonal and fall 70 meters down fascinating rocky steps. They are super beautiful, and they originate from River Pumpu. Kintampo Waterfalls has an amazing atmosphere where most residents from this region go for picnics. Many trees, mainly the Mahogany trees, offer shade to tourists and other groups who prefer sitting while enjoying themselves. Most trees grow beyond 40 meters in this area. These falls are ideal resting areas when traveling from Kumasi and Tamale or Mole National Park.

Wli Waterfalls

Wli Waterfalls are the highest waterfalls in Ghana, and they flow throughout the Year. The falls are situated in Wli Natural Reserve and 20km from Ho Capital. Wli Waterfalls has an upper fall which requires an energetic hike to reach there. It is recommended to hike during the dry season unless you are daring, vigorous, and strong. Although most people do not manage to hike up to the top of the upper falls, it is worth reaching there. The Wli Falls can be accessed by walking through cool forest shades for approximately one hour.

Tagbo Falls

Tagbo Falls is situated at Liate Wote, and they run from the Ghana-Togo Mountain range. The falls can be accessed via walking through the forest and cocoa trees. After a 45-minutes walk, you will arrive at the magnificent falls covered by a green vegetation carpet. While at Liate Wote, you can hike the famous Mount Afadjato, the tallest mountain in Ghana. Besides, you can visit a snake Zoo which is also situated in this location.

Fuller Falls

Fuller Falls are approximately 20 minutes from Kintampo Falls, although not commonly visited. The falls are situated in a calm place. Fuller Falls have both upper and lower falls.

Since most of the waterfalls in Ghana are seasonal, you should plan to visit immediately after the rainy season.

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