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The Perfect destinations for Family Trips

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana has several destinations which are suitable for family holidays. If you plan for a family vacation, consider visiting Ghana to spend some quality time with your family. Spending time as a family strengthens the union and improves family love. The ideal family destinations include:


Obuasi is a peaceful town situated in the Ashanti region. The town is rich with gold, and a large number of its residents depend on mining. It is the greatest source of foreign exchange in Ghana. Obuasi is a fascinating town with several attractive sites where families can hang out and relax together. Some of the critical tourist sites in this town include classy restaurants, several parks, gardens, cinemas, entertainment, and art centres. Planning a family trip to Obuasi is a great idea; you can spend the day exploring the gold mines. The town has several recreational centres such as swimming pools where families can enjoy swimming. Small children get a chance to learn about the most significant source of revenue and bond with their parents or guardians.


Akosombo is commonly known as the city of light. It is situated near lake Volta, a top tourists attraction in Ghana. The primary source of hydroelectric power is the Akosombo dam in Akosombo. The Akosombo dam is a great tourist destination for families where they spend time learning about Ghanaian richness and how the dam operates. Tourists can easily access lake volta through a ferry to experience the beautiful scenery and capture some memorable pictures. There are magnificent hotels and resorts around this place where families can spend their nights. Akosombo offers an excellent environment for a family reunion.


It is situated in the Eastern region of Ghana, and it is usually full during the weekends. Ada is a little paradise for family travellers, with fascinating beaches and waterfronts. There are several resorts and apartments where tourists can comfortably spend their nights. Ada is an exciting town with a rich heritage and culture. The Asafotufiami festival is usually celebrated at Ada.


The name Elmina originates from a Portuguese name which means Coast of Gold mines. Elmina is also known as the St. George’s castle; it is a fascinating family trip destination in Ghana. It is situated along the central coast of Ghana, twelve kilometres to the west of Cape Coast Castle. Most people prefer visiting this attractive spot over the weekend with their families. Elmina has a great history related to the trans-Atlantic slave hub. It was established as a trading centre for gold, and other ware and later was transformed into a slave trade centre. There are beautiful beaches where families can relax after exploring the history of Ghana. While in this city families can enjoy traditional food, enjoy fantastic music, and dance. Elmina is the ideal place where young children can learn more about Ghana’s culture, history, and history.


Paga is a famous tourist destination in the northern region of Ghana. The paga crocodile pond is among the key tourist sites in this region. Families travel to relax and learn the unique history of these crocodiles. The history of these harmless crocodiles shocks many people, so many choose to see and experience the magic themselves. The community lives peacefully with these crocodiles, and so far, there is no incident of any crocodile harming anyone. Besides, families can enjoy riding horses while at paga. The mole National Park and the Salaga Slave market are the nearest tourist sites in this place. Exploring paga to learn its unique history makes the trip more enjoyable.

When planning a family vacation, it is good to consider whether the destination can entertain the entire family regardless of their age. Consider the resorts and the hotels to ensure that you have a great time as a family.

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