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The Perfect Time For Wildlife and Festival Tours in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Visiting Ghana depends on the list of tourist attractions and sites that you want to explore. Although some places can be explored any season of the year, several attractions demand perfect timing to avoid struggle. Ghana has two major seasons: dry and wet season. Each season has its advantages and disadvantages related to tourism.

It is normally hot and dusty during the dry season, but it is the ideal time to visit Ghana in case your main agenda is wildlife. Anytime you decide to tour Ghana, you will find something interesting to experience, see, and do. Ghana has an exciting festival calendar that attracts many people from all countries worldwide.

Due to its location near the equator, Ghana has pleasant average temperatures throughout the year. The Ghanaian weather is normally cloudy and dirty during the dry season because of the Harmattan winds blowing through most West African countries. The last month of the dry season in Ghana is the most favorable month to visit Ghana, especially when you are on a tight budget. February is the cheapest time to tour Ghana because, during this time, Ghana only receives a few tourists compared to the other months. Only a few activities and festivals are held in the month of February.

There are a couple of interesting tourist activities that can be done during a February vacation in Ghana, especially for Wildlife lovers. February offers the best chance to get amazing views of the country’s wild animals walking in parks looking for water points. March is the hottest month in Ghana, and the nation may experience rain.

December to March is the best time because you can spot all the wild animals in Ghana and attend interesting traditional festivals. There is little or no rainfall during the dry season in Ghana, so it is easier to move around Ghana using roads despite how dusty they are.

According to Accra residents, December is the best month to visit this city because there many activities that you can engage in to create lasting memories. ‘December in Ghana,’ in coordination with other partners, organizes many activities, including live music performances and festivals. There are many exciting events organized in Ghana to attract tourists, especially people living diaspora.

Afrochella is a famous festival held in Ghana during the December holidays. This festival celebrates African music, art, fashion, and culture. Akwaside Festival is a great event held regularly in Kumasi city; it is held every sixth Sunday according to the Ashanti calendar. This festival is accompanied by drumming, dancing, and an exciting procession of the Ashanti King and his support staff.

Harmattan winds are a threat to all people visiting Ghana during the dry season. They are cool and dry winds that results in cloudy skies, and dry skin, eyes, and throat. It is not easy to capture good shots because of the cloudy skies. Besides, these winds leads to flight delays as a result of poor visibility.
September to November is the rainy and wet season in Ghana, and an ideal time to tour Ghana. A Large number of tourists from North America and Europe mainly tour Ghana during this between September and November despite being rainy. Most communities in Ghana conduct harvest festivals during the rainy season.

There are no rains in Southern Ghana in November and the harmattan winds start blowing during the dry season. The rainy season does not attract a large number of tourists and therefore is the perfect time for anyone who does not like crowding, especially in prominent tourist attraction sites. The weather is fairly good and there are enough events to keep tourists busy.

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