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The prices of Cement have gone up

by The Ghana HIT

Due to the Global pandemic, cement prices have increased during the last few days in the whole country. The cement sellers and stakeholders revealed that the raw materials used for producing cement is imported and because its prices have increased in the global market, they have also been affected.

A bag of cement used to be sold at GHc 38 but currently, it’s been sold at GHc 41. Speaking during an interview, the Executive Secretary of Ghana Real Estate Developer’s Association (GREDA), Mr. Samuel Amegayibor said, “There has been a price hike because of certain challenges which industry players are facing while importing the major raw material while called ‘clinker’ which is used to produce cement. We don’t have it here and it is a very small quantity that we are able to get locally.”

“Clinker is usually imported and we have been told that some of it’s sources have been closed down. The international market price of ‘clinker’ has gone up and so has the cost of shopping.”

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