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The Sacred Paga Crocodile Pond is an Ideal Place to Visit

by The Ghana HIT

The Paga Crocodile Pond is a famous and highly desired destination in Ghana. The residents of this village swim in at the Paga Crocodile Pond, which houses more than one hundred Crocodiles. Despite swimming here for so many years, no one has ever been hurt by the dangerous crocodiles. It is a strange thing what happens in this Ghanaian village.

The wonderful relationship between the residents and crocodiles has puzzled many researchers for years, making Paga Village a prominent tourist destination in Ghana. Most international visitors travel to this area to see this extraordinary phenomenon and interact with the crocodiles. The tourists are accompanied by well-trained guides who whistle a melody to grab the attention of these reptiles. The guides surge live chickens to make them come out of their pond. The crocodiles are fed with chickens once they come out of the water to prepare them to interact with tourists.

The tourist gets a chance of touching the reptiles or even sitting at their back. Paga is the only Crocodile center in the word where you can take a picture with a mature crocodile while feeling secure and laughing. Despite the reptiles being harmless, it is advisable to be cautious while interacting with them because reptiles are very harmful to human beings.

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Nobody knows the exact date when the crocodiles settled in this area, nor is there anyone aware of how they settled. The people of Paga stay very well with the harmless crocodiles. Reports indicate that everybody in this village has a matching crocodile in Bolgatanga. Besides, the death of the most significant people in this village is followed by a crocodile’s death.

The residents of this region believe that the crocodiles are the souls of their departed relatives; therefore, they take good care of them, they never kill these holy creatures. The crocodiles have already established a good relationship with the people of this village, and it indicates that they see them as neighbors. The pond has some of the biggest crocodiles in the entire world, but the young people from this village still go fishing in this crocodile pond.


There is a unique calmness in this village, with very friendly and welcoming residents. The residents of this town are super active, gracious, and always willing to help tourists. Kindness is among the most adored cultures inherited from their ancestors. Tourists became part of this community during their holiday in this place because the residents believe that a good name is better than riches. They enjoy seeing their visitors happy and comfortable.

Tourists enjoy the great tropical climate of this place. During the hot or cold season, the temperatures remain reasonable throughout the entire year. There are enough affordable hotels in this famous village where tourists can comfortably spend their night.

There is a myth that the oldest crocodiles of Bolgatanga helped the early man settle in this place. These crocodiles directed the man to this pond to take some water to quench his thirstiness. The man had walked for a long distance, and after taking the water, he acknowledged Bolgatanga as blessed and requested the residents to treat the crocodiles like Royals. Up to date, it is a taboo to kill or harm these crocodiles.

One of the Mysteries of the harmony between these crocodiles and the villagers might be the plenty feeding by the residents. Enough food is taken to these sacred creatures to ensure that they remain within the pond. The resident mostly feeds them with chickens because they believe that if these reptiles remain hungry, they might become harmful. Due to the hunger, these crocodiles might attack the local’s livestock or even come to their compounds looking for something to take. Feeding them is a secret to ensure that they are comfortable, and the place still remains an international tourist attraction site.

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