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The significance of the Global Citizen Festival in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Global Citizen is an organization that is fully devoted to fighting and ending extreme poverty across the world. The organization aims to protect and uplift the most vulnerable nations and people. Global Citizen work by posting, tweeting, messaging, and voting all the people who can positively benefit the organization. Global Citizen is a group of engaged citizens who work harmoniously with the aim of ending poverty. This sponsorship body has a team of advocates who hosts mean-full discussions with the key stakeholders and also work with the most famous artists, actors, government leaders, businesses, and other celebs to strengthen their voices in the media. Global citizen has a strategic content creation department to voice their plan and objectives.

The Global Citizen festival will be held in Accra on 29th September this year. Although Ghana is more focused on growing the pan-African Movement, the nation is also focused on introducing action-takers to Global citizens. This year’s festival is destined to be featured in Ghanaian historical books. Global citizens are expected to participate in international movements, step up, and become part of a united voice that creates workable and effective change toward fighting poverty and attaining equity.

Ending extreme poverty is not an easy path, and therefore Global citizen engages in serious conversations that aim at addressing the biggest systematic problems. They cooperate with governments to create change at scale and poor systems that have been in use for various years. This organization is answerable to the global citizens who are part of this great movement. The global citizens’ organization’s mission is to report back to all members on matters concerning power and the impact of their voices.

Global Citizen drives impact by motivating those in power to make and deliver on all their promises and address extreme poverty. Besides, Global citizen also creates platforms that strengthen the work of all the key partners and organizations in fighting against extreme poverty. Global citizen believes that municipal society has an authentic role to play in the public rule-making process; therefore, serving as the representatives of the helpless communities should raise their voices harmoniously and participate.

Impact tracking involves celebrating short-term and long-term achievements. Celebrations motivate all zealous supporters to stay focused on implementing changes. Besides, Impact tracking involves fighting boredom and indifferences that they encounter while fighting poverty. Each step is closer to changing the world and making it a better place by ending extreme poverty.

In past years Global citizen has been partnering with some organizations so as to efficiently achieve their goals efficiently. The World Health Organization; Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance; The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria; the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research; The International Fund for Agricultural Development; World Food Programme; Re: Wild; Education Cannot Wait; Green Climate Fund; Global Access Fund; Local Initiatives Support Corporation; The Legal Empowerment Network; Outright Action International; and The United Nations Population Fund are the leading partners to this organization.

Global citizen relies on festivals, live streams, and broadcasts to ensure that all the key participants and members prioritize matters facing the poor communities and develop strategies that will help defeat poverty. This organization believes that being committed is the first step; without consistent pressure and support, the major goals will not be achieved. After holding successful Global citizen events, the leaders go back to evaluate the impact of these ceremonies and validate whether their major objectives were met. During these events, the organization acknowledges all the good work of the members to motivate all the new participants to honor their words and stay focused on the organization’s vision.

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