Home News The Tema Metropolitan Assembly fails to pay judgment debts.

The Tema Metropolitan Assembly fails to pay judgment debts.

by The Ghana HIT

The Creditors of TMA have besieged them following their judgment debts. The Accra High Court released the notice over the debt on 23rd December 2020. Nevertheless, the creditors had already visited the Assembly one day before the notice was issued. They took 3 pick-ups and Prado.

The notice read, “whereas writ of Fi. Fa dated Accra the 01st day of September 2020 has been issued under the hand of his Hon. Lordship Justice Anin Yeboah Chief Justice of Ghana at the instance of the judgment creditor DERKAK.Con. Co.LTD for the attachment of the moveable and the immovable prosperity of the judgment debtor Tema Metropolitan Assembly in the above-named suit.”

“The said judgment Debtor is hereby prohibited from alienating the property alienating the property below mentioned by sale, gift or in any other way and all persons are hereby prohibited from receiving the said property by purchase, gift or otherwise.”

The Derkak Construction Company Limited had a contract with TMA to procure and fix 3,000 streetlights in the Metropolis. According to reports, TMA had promised to pay 40% after a successful procurement and the remaining 60% to be paid in installments. However, TMA did not honor their contract, and therefore, the contractor began a suit against them.

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