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The Top Things to do While in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a beautiful African nation featuring amazing tourist attractions, beautiful cities, national parks, fascinating beaches and other significant attractions. There are several amazing things that tourists can do during their visit to Ghana.

Planning where to begin your tour in Ghana maybe somehow challenging if it’s your first time in this beautiful nation. The top things that you can do while in Ghana include;

Crossing the Canopy Walkway at Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park is home to over forty mammal species such as forest buffalo, meerkats, civets, and Forest Elephants. It is a thick tropical rainforest in Southern Ghana. Although watching over 250 Species of birds is an amazing activity, crossing the Canopy Walkway is one of the leading tourist attractions at Kakum National Park. The Canopy is approximately 30 meters above the ground with a trail of 350 m. The walk provides a better picture of the plants and wildlife; it involves crossing some bridges. There are well-trained tour guides who are ever available to accompany the tourists to understand this park better. Visitors can camp at the basic campsites for a night or more.

Shop at the Local Markets in Accra

Accra is an exciting city with more than two million people. The city features a varied combination of modern architecture, dilapidated townships, British Castles, vibrant markets. Makola Market is a famous local market in Accra; it is a central hub selling various commodities ranging from local arts and crafts and fresh farm products. You can go shopping at the local Markets in Accra during your tour in Ghana. Additionally, the National Museum holds amazing exhibitions of the history and culture of Ghana, such as the heritages of the Ashanti Kingdom and the slave trade.

Go on a Safari

Mole National Park is situated in the northwest region of Ghana, and it is the biggest Ghanaian wildlife park. It is home to rare roan antelope, buffalo, warthogs, elephants, leopards, and hyenas. There are various avian species of birds at Mole Park; bird lovers will enjoy watching. Mole National Park is currently home to lions. There are different types of Safaris, but the common ones include a walking Safari and a traditional game drive. It is advisable to embark on a Safari between January and March because during this time you can easily see the wild animals, particularly when the animals go to take water.

Relax at the Busua Beach

Busua Beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Ghana. The Beach provides an amazing opportunity to swim and soak up the sunshine. If you like surfing or want to learn surfing then this is the right place, there are various intuitions offering surf lessons. The are several accommodations ranging from cheap to expensive ones. The Busua Beach Resort is a preferred destination to many tourists; it is a huge modern hotel featuring a large swimming pool, beach lodges, and dining facilities. The resort has a bar and restaurant; the restaurant prepares quality meals. Visitors can enjoy the well-prepared kinds of seafood such as fresh lobster prepared at the restaurants.

Enjoy the Amazing Views at Fort St. Jago

Fort St. Jago lies across St. George’s Castles; it provides amazing views of Elmina town and St. George’s Castle. A church devoted to St. Jago was the first European building on this hill. The hill was a significant point for the Dutch to Bomb and overthrow Elmina Castle from the Portuguese.

Ride the Waves in Kokrobite

The Prominent beaches in Ghana are situated in Kokrobite. Kokrobite is only thirty-two kilometres from Accra. Big Milly’s Backyard is a beachfront hotel that provides accommodations. Big Milly’s features a bar and a restaurant, where both local and international tourists relax. Besides, the hotel is the home to Mr Brights Surf Shop, gear rentals and surf lessons are offered to all visitors who desires to experience the International Surf Day Waves. The Kokrobite Gardens is a gorgeous place where tourists can enjoy their stay.

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