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The Unacceptable Behavior in Ghana during a Vacation

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a beautiful nation with various tourism sites and regions; this explains why it is a preferred vacation destination to so many. You need to be aware of several things before travelling to Ghana, especially the unacceptable behaviours that may land into trouble. The unacceptable behaviours include:

Give or receive something with your left hand

Ghanaians believe that giving or receiving something with your left hand is a way of disregarding the other person. All the occasions which involve interacting with other people are done using the right hand. This is an insult that attracts huge penalties even in the modern days.

Taking Pictures of People without their Permission

During your vacation in Ghana, it is good to respect Ghanaians not to take pictures of anybody without their permission. Although most Ghanaians love pictures, it is advisable to ask their permission before capturing any picture. Please do not take any pictures in busy streets where people are doing their work and running their business because this may land you in deep trouble. Several cases have been recorded in the past, whereby a book of Ghanaian photos was published in foreign countries, indicating Africa’s poverty level. These instances made Ghanaians sad because the pictures were captured without their permission; that is why taking pictures is not allowed.

Do not Trust All the Steet Foods.

It is good not to trust all the street foods, especially if you do not know how it is made. Some common street foods like groundnuts, doughnut balls, plantain chips are very safe because most people know how to prepare them well. Always ensure you buy street foods from people you trust or even ask Ghanaians to recommend the right places. Regardless of how good they may taste, it is always good to be careful.

Carry Insect Repellent

Insects such as mosquitos and sandflies may interrupt and cause so much discomfort during the night; therefore, it is advisable to carry insect Repellent. They are so itchy when they bite you.

Disrespect an Elderly Person

Normally the elderly people are addressed as ‘Ma,’ ‘papa,’ ‘uncle,’ or ‘aunty’ irrespective of the relationship with them. They are regarded as your own parents, and therefore it is important to treat them as your own parents. In case someone sees you disrespecting older people, have the right to rebuke such behaviour. Ghanaians esteem older people and show special respect to all the people who have survived for such a long time.

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Ghanaians are not good Timekeepers.

Although time is a precious asset in many nations, Patience is a key quality among Ghanaians, and they are always ready to wait. When you agree to meet with someone at a particular time, be there at the scheduled time, but in case you are late, they will wait for you. If you don’t arrive in time, they assume that you are coming and therefore, they proceed hoping that you will join them. It is good to keep time during your vacations lest you get disappointed.

Walk barefoot during the rainy season around Kokrobite.

It is advisable to walk in shoes around Kokrobite during the rainy season because the water gets splashed and mixes with dangerous things that may comprise crawling microbes. This is the key rule in all beach resorts around active fishing villages; poor sanitation makes Kokrobite a great breeding ground for various parasites. Many people are living around this village, and therefore this may result in pollution. Besides, it is usually muddy during the rainy season; hence walking in shoes may be safer.

Smoking Cigarettes in Public

Smoking around at night, outside bars, clubs, at your residence is something acceptable by the people of Ghana. Although people react differently about smoking in public, most non-smokers are never comfortable seeing someone smoke around them. It is advisable to smoke in the right places because not everyone can entertain you smoke around them; if you light the cigarette around many people, someone will certainly tell you to put it out.

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