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The Wild Animals in Ghana that attract Tourists

by The Ghana HIT

Wildlife is among the key tourist attractions that attract vast amounts of revenue to the country. Ghana is home to various animal species. The latest wild animals’ statistics indicate that Ghana has two hundred and twenty-one amphibians and reptile species, seven hundred and twenty-four bird species, and two hundred and twenty-five mammal species. Sixty-six percent of the bird species live in Ghana, while the remaining percentage visits the country seasonally. Accra Zoo and Kumasi Zoo are specifically made to be homes to various animals, but these animals usually stay in natural environments such as parks.

Despite the government providing enough protection to all wild animals, poachers still kill some animals for ivory and other body parts. Besides, there is overhunting and human land usage. Most of the Ghanaian wildlife lives in various ecosystems, and therefore if you must visit them to see the animals. The significant Ecosystem include;

Kakum National Park is an 1150-foot-high Kakum Canopy trail. The park is a fantastic place where you can see Diana Monkeys, Yellow-backed duikers, red river hogs, and African elephants. Kakum National Park has a dense forest where most endangered birds, such as African grey parrots and hornbills, reside.

Mole National Park is situated in the northern region of Ghana. It is home to several native animals, such as buffalos, elephants, leopards, lions, and hippos. Most tourists enjoy hiking at this park while watching the various animals.
Boin Tano Forest Reserve is a swampy region formed by the Bisao and Tano rivers. It is a popular tourist attraction site where you can spot the rare yellow-backed duiker and ursine colobus primates. Besides, Boin Tano Forest Reserve features a dense forest area where you can see some endangered birds, such as white-breasted guinea fowls, yellow-bearded greenbuls, and many other wildlife.

Bui National Park is home to a large number of hippos. It is situated at the Black Volta River. Although you may be lucky enough to see some native animals like monkeys, leopards, and antelope, they normally do not reside in this park.
Nini Suhien National Park and Ankasa Resource Reserve are both in southern Ghana. The two reserves are under one management. It is home to several African Elephants and Endangered Diana Monkeys. The reserves have thick bushes where you can spot approximately two hundred and sixty bird species.

The Most Dangerous Animals in Ghana

Although a large number of the animals in Ghana are harmless and friendly, there are several dangerous animal species. Hippos are large animals, so you cannot predict their behaviors. Generally, Hippos use their tusks as a defense weapon. They have huge teeth that can easily rip off any predators, including human beings. These are dangerous animals that you should be careful of when visiting zoos. Stay alert and not be too friendly to them because that can kill you.

Elephants are usually peaceful, but they can sometimes be dangerous to human beings. When a human being enters their regions, elephants tend to be defensive. They are so many reports where elephants have killed human beings, therefore keep distance from them. Black Mamba is the lengthiest poisonous snake in Africa. This snake can attack up to twelve times within a minute. Their attacks are usually deadly because they affect the respiratory system. Black mamba is the most dangerous animal and most of them are normally locked in a room. It is only snake specialists are allowed to interact with these snakes. Ghana does not have a huge number of lions, but they are among the dangerous animals in Africa. There are various reports of lions attacking and killing human beings. Ghana has a large number of the endangered animals, and poachers seem to kill these animals.

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