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Things to do in Akosombo in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Akosombo is a small town in the Eastern region of Ghana, around the volta region. It is a peaceful area which is worth visiting. There are numerous interesting things that you can do during your visit to Akosombo town, such as:

Go hiking

The Akosombo region features a beautiful forest with various animal species situated around lake volta. Hiking to the highest point in Akosombo grants you the opportunity to enjoy amazing views of the fascinating Volta River. The Akwamu Gorge is a famous bird-watching spot where you see most extinct picathartes bird after hiking to the highest point.

Tour the Peki valley

Peki valley is adjacent to the Adomi bridge; it is a beautiful and peaceful place where you can relax. The Ewe of Dahomey migrated to this place some years back. It was a significant area during the slave trade because it connected the inland region with the coastal towns. The valley has caves where slaves who managed to escape from their kidnappers used to hide. There are various interesting things that you can do during your visit to this valley. For instance, biking or walking from Peke valley to Lake volta or Yard lodge. Additionally, you can hike the nearby mountains to enjoy better views and explore the butterfly-filled forest or even visit other regions around this place.

Tour the Akosombo Dam

The ideal time to visit the Akosombo Dam is during the rainy season because water levels are high, and you will enjoy the dam’s roar. Since it is a hydroelectric dam, you can explore its wonderful installation and also enjoy beautiful views from this place.

Visit Traditional Kente Weavers and Drum, makers

Akosombo town is well-known for weaving unique kente clothes known as Ewe Kente. If you’re interested in learning more about the traditional drums, you can take a drum workshop to understand how to make and play drums. Drum makers are situated on the Asikuma junction in Akosombo town.

Enjoy Scenic views from the Volta Hotel.

Volta hotel is a vibrant site in an elevated region where you can enjoy scenic views while sipping your favorite drinks.

Have fun at Sajuna Beach Club

Sajuna is an artificial beach where most visitors go to have fun during their visit to Akosombo town. It is a prominent entertainment spot with interesting outdoor activities such as beach volleyball, basketball, football, rowboats, water slide, kayaks, and splash pool games. The club has a great restaurant that prepares delicious local meals, chicken kebabs, pork, and burgers.

Visit Royal Senchi Hotel

Royal Senchi is a luxurious place where you can relax and have fun. The hotel feature two restaurants, a spa, and a palm Lounge Bar. It is an ideal destination for romantic picnics.

Participate in Fishing

The Volta River is full of delicious fish, particularly tilapia. There are several dock podiums on the riverfront at Aylos bay and other older places. You are only required to cast your net or even throw a line to catch fish. There are a lot of mosquitos from around 4 pm; therefore, you should dress up well if you go fishing at that time. It is fun to go fishing as a group or with your friends.

Ride a Canoe

Riding a traditional canoe and moving to all corners of the river is entertaining. Riding a canoe is a cool way to explore lake volta from all angles. Before riding the canoe, it is good to agree on the charges with the owner to avoid chaos after the ride. Traditional canoes are banana-shaped and are considered important vessels among the locals. Trailing through the river and observing fish and other water animals make the experience more interesting and memorable. You can stop at the numerous lush islands during the ride.

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