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TikTok Categories that receive the highest views in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media apps, with over one billion active users. The app has various categories such as entertainment, comedy, dance, sports, pranks, and many others. The categories receive varied views depending on their popularity and how well the users present their content. The leading categories with the highest views include;

Entertainment is the most famous category that receives the highest number of views. It is divided into several sub-categories ranging from skits, comedy, special effects, magic, duets, and other content. Most people prefer this type of content because it boosts their mood and helps them forget about any stressful encounters of the day. Entertainment has the highest number of hashtags; you never know what you will view. It is an exciting category that has made so many people to be addicted to it.

Dance is the second most preferred category on TikTok. The dance category features all types of dances, such as highly choreographed routines and other basic moves. The app has so many features that it favors any user to participate in any trend. The dance category is a compelling class with overexcited, good, and bad users. You can’t resist a dance challenge, especially if you like dancing. The dance category accommodates all types of dancers ranging from well-performing, professionally trained dancers to others who have no clues about how to dance. The hashtag #TikTokDances has a large number of views, approximately 14.4 billion.

TikTok has made it easier to share pranks and laughs, unlike in ancient days when pranks were only played on television. Most people are currently participating in trending TikTok pranks. Although pranks are shared on most social media platforms, TikTok has structured this category very well. Therefore, lots of people are motivated to participate and enjoy a limitless number of pranks. You can imitate other users’ pranks or even come up with your pranks. Pranks are one of the categories with the highest number of views because most users are curious to see if their pranks can go viral.

Fitness and sports
Most fitness videos on TikTok are short and do not last for long. TikTok has various fitness and sports sub-categories that give tips and moves and create better engagement with followers. Fitness and sports influencers have a bigger and better impact on TikTok users by sharing muscles, menus, and memes. The category has a large following and receives a large number of views from TikTok users. Most professional and Olympic athletes share their experiences on TikTok.

Beauty Fashion and Skin Care
Beauty influencers are using TikTok to show the makeup process quickly. Most users rely on these influencers to learn how to do makeup on their own. Beauty hashtags have over 79.1 billion views, while skincare hashtags have more than 75.5 billion views. You learn to do makeup as a pro from this app. Fashion is a large category that includes clothing hauls, new looks, fashion tips and hacks, hairstyles, and many more. Fashion is a popular category, especially among ladies; it has more than 122.7 billion views.

Cooking Recipes
Cooking recipes have more than eighteen billion views so far. Most TikTok users are not qualified chefs; they share video recipes and simple kitchen tricks. Others share simple alternatives to some complicated recipes. Cooking recipes have a large following from most people who are eager to learn or try new recipes. #salmonrice is one of the leading cooking recipes hashtags on TikTok. The hashtag has 791 million views.

Positive advice concerning life
This category has encouraging comments, self-care tips, mental health comments, and well-being content. #lifehacks hashtags have over 50.9 billion views. The category has been growing very fast and positively impacted most users.

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