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Top 10 Ghanaian Food items you can buy on amazon

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There are huge Ghanaian diasporas based in the US and around the world. Amazon sellers have begun to supply Ghanaian foods to these markets so people can have a little touch of home in their cooking.

We have pulled together a list of some of the most popular Ghanaian foods available to buy on Amazon. Perfect to buy as a gift for a special occasion or just for a taste of home.

These are the Top 10 Ghanaian Food items you can buy on amazon

Fante Kenkey

Who wouldn’t like a bowl of freshly made Fante Kenkey. This kenkey is specially made from maize by the Fantes, a local tribe in the southwestern part of Ghana. The Fante kenkey can be eaten with pepper and fish or it can be blended with groundnuts, sugar and milk into a delicious smoothie. The kenkey is normally wrapped within plantain leaves to keep it fresh.

Ga Kenkey

The Ga kenkey is a popular dish that can be found on almost every street in Ghana. It is popular for its delicious taste and unique smell when eaten with pepper and fish. It also makes a mouth-watering smoothie when mashed or blended and eaten with groundnuts, sugar and milk. Ga Kenkey is made from maize and is wrapped in corn husks for freshness.

Poi-Poi Hot Sauce – A Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce – Tropical African Shito Sauce in a Bottle

This popular African hot sauce is popularly known as Shitor. It usually varies in different degrees of hotness but is generally eaten with popular Ghanaian dishes such as kenkey or rice.

The oil found in Shitor is its main preservative. Other ingredients include pepper, tomatoes and spices. Shitor is more of an accompaniment to any food. It spices the food and adds a special flavour that makes meals a delight to eat.

Momone / Momoni Fermented Fish

Momoni is a delicacy in Ghana. It is fermented fish that has been preserved through salting.

This fish is used for soups and is a favourite in almost every Ghanaian home because of the flavouring it adds to almost every Ghanaian dish.

Maggi Cube Seasoning Cubes

Ghana is known for spicy food and part of that secret is the spicing that the popular Maggi seasoning cube offers. It’s made of local spices and other ingredients such as shrimps, which have been put together in the form of a tablet. It’s used to spice stews and soups. It must be used in moderation however if you want to enjoy its full flavour.

Maggi “Wurze” Liquid Seasoning

Just like the Maggi cube, the Maggie liquid seasoning is great for seasoning dishes.

If you want your stew to have the Ghanaian flavour then you must use this liquid seasoning. Just a few drops are enough to season your dish.

African Yam Tubers

Yam tubers are a great source of carbohydrates and are easily grown in any part of Ghana. Yams can be boiled or fried and eaten with stews and soups. One tuber can feed about 4-5 people. There are different variations of yam like water yams and the ever popular ‘puna’.

Gari (Ghana White)

Gari is made up of cassava. It is granulated cassava that has some of the starch drained and then it is roasted and packaged. Gari is what is known in Ghana as the most basic meal.

It can be eaten with water, sugar, milk and groundnuts. This mixture is known as “gari soakings”. It can also be mixed with stew or eaten with soup.

Roasted African Giant Snail

Giant snails are popular as you travel to the rural parts of Ghana or any major market. Ghanaians love snails and it’s used in many soups especially. The bigger the snail the better. Snails are a very good source of protein. The foods mentioned in the title above are all Nigerians foods but are quite popular in Ghana too.

Plantain Fufu Flour 24oz

FuFu is one of Ghana’s most popular foods. A flour made from plantain and cassava mashed together into a paste. Water is added to form a doughy ball. It is served as a side dish along with a soup or stew for dipping.

The typical method of eating is to pick off a piece with the right hand form into a ball and then dip.

These are our top 10 Ghanaian food you can buy on amazon. Let us know in the comments what your favorite tastes of home are!

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