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Tourists’ attraction Sites and Activities in Axim 2022

by The Ghana HIT

Axim is a small paradise in Ghana featuring fascinating beaches and small islands. It is a coastal town in Ghana with a clear sea. The island is a distinctive and fantastic place for relaxation. It would be best if you considered adding Axim to your list during your visit to Ghana. The activities include;

Axim Travel bug Tour

Axim Travel Bug Tour is an exciting Trip that allows tourists to explore more exciting attractions and participate in several interesting activities. Adventure lovers get a chance of interacting with the residents of Axim; learning the cultures and the historical beliefs of these communities is a significant activity. The organizing staff plans for all the local transportation, meals, all the sites to visit, accommodations, and airport Pick-Ups. There are well-trained tour guides who can accompany you during your travel bug tour.

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Exploring the Western Region of Ghana

The western region of Ghana is a well-known tourist attraction site featuring the most fascinating and cleanest beaches. The famous Busua Beach, which attracts a large number of visitors, is situated here. The Nzulezo Village, Bia National Park, cape three-point, Busua beach, and Fort Metal Cross. There are several beach resorts where tourists can stay while enjoying the fantastic scenic views and sea breeze. Accommodation, entrance fee, guide fee, and transport fee are all included in this trip, so tourists pay once.

Exploring the Adventurous site in Ghana

Ghanaian adventures offer great intuitions into some ancient and adventurous sites and regions in Ghana. Besides, it provides sufficient fun and relaxation to all tourists. The experiences involve climbing some of the highest mountains in Ghana, visiting slave castles, exploring monkey sanctuaries. Swimming in the highest waterfalls in Ghana is also among the most significant adventures. Accommodation, transportation, Airport transfers, daily meals, activity fees, and all attractions fees are all-inclusive.

Going on a History and Nature Tour

History is a critical section of the current status of a country. If your plan is to learn about Africa’s culture and history, then this is the ideal type of tour. History and Nature Tour concentrates on how kingdoms were constructed and how Ghana has conserved its cultural core over the past years. Entrance and attractions fees, airport transfers, accommodations, daily meals and local transportation are all catered for.

Exploring the trails of the transatlantic Slave Trade

Exploring the most beautiful regions of Ghana, especially the ones associated with Ghanaian history. To fully explore and experience historical Ghana, tourists are required to dedicate at least eight days of their holiday to the exciting historical resources of all the fascinating regions of Ghana. The Transatlantic slave trade was a famous trade during colonial times which involved shipping enslaved people from Africa to Foreign nations. The paths followed during the trade began with touring castles that served as non-permanent houses to the enslaved people during the Trans-Atlantic slave trades. During this trip, you will learn more about the slave trade, how the enslaved people were treated, and all the destinations linked to the slave trade. This tour begins in Accra; breakfast, professional tour guides, all taxes, and fees are all-inclusive.

Participating in a Special Festival of the Krobo Millet

The millet Krobo festival is a famous ceremony held by the Ashanti community each year. It is an exciting festival that you should participate in during your visit to Ghana. Besides, you can review the tragic history of the slave trade, walk around the kakum canopy trail, enjoy the fantastic coastal climate, participate in fishing at the stilt village of Nzulezu. The tour includes visits and participation in the Millet festival and the Ashanti funeral. Breakfast, lunch, professional tour guides, local transport, foods, and accommodations are included in the fee charged for this particular trip.

Axim is an amazing tourist destination with so much tourists attractions to explore. The Coastal town feature 5-star hotels where you can spend your holiday relaxing and enjoying the amazing views of the Atlantic Sea. The hotels are well-maintained and equipped, featuring ultra-modern facilities such as swimming pools, and fast internet connection.

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