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Travel Tips That You Should Know When Traveling To Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

You should be aware of several travel tips before traveling to Ghana. Some of the tips include;

1. Drink Responsibly

When tourists are on vacation, they enjoy exploring nightclubs. Accra city is the main spot where many visitors enjoy the nightlife. Drinking responsibly is a critical travel tip that guarantees safety during a trip. While enjoying your drink, especially when you are away from home, remember that you can be an easy target of thieves, scams, and other negative things. Remember to stay alert and keep an eye on your drink to ensure safe drinking. Irresponsible drinking can land you serious trouble, such as getting lost or ending up in dangerous places.

2. Connect with trustworthy travel companies

Conduct a thorough research of all the travel companies before making your final decisions. It is advisable to check your driver’s vehicle details, including their name, phone, and address, to ensure a safe ride. Always connect with reputable travel companies to ensure a secure journey.

3. Ensure that you use your money wisely

Always ensure that you are wise in how you spend your money. It is not advisable to carry large amounts of money but rather open an account with an international bank or credit card company to ensure that you freely use your ATM. To avoid huge transaction costs, you should withdraw huge amounts, keep it safe in your room, and walk with the amount you need for the day. You should not keep all your money in one place; keep cash and credit cards in two or three different places so that if one of your stashes is stolen, you aren’t left completely empty-handed.

4. Stay Alert to Avoid Scams

There are many scams ranging from acting sick to using small kids to get you. Stay alert to avoid scams because you are more likely to be scammed when you are unaware of them. It is advisable to research all the places you are planning to tour to see all the traps scammers mainly use.

5. Know the Emergency Services Number

Know the emergency services number for your destination before you get there. It is advisable to look up the number for your country’s nearest embassy before you leave. Write them down or save them on your phone so you can quickly access them in an emergency.

6. Bring travel locks

Come prepared with your lock if you plan to stay in a hostel. If you are not staying in a hostel, having a travel lock that can secure your bag to your seat while dining is good. Locks keep your valuables safe from theft.

7. Keep digital copies of important documents.

When travelling, your passport is the most valuable thing you carry. In case you lose any of these documents, having a digital copy will help replace them without any stress.

9. Check in with close friends and family often

Make a habit of checking in with a close friend or family member back home at the end of each day.
This can seem not easy, but ultimately safer when family and friends know your progress. In case something dangerous was to happen, you’ll get help faster if someone knew where you were supposed to be that day.

10 . Make Friends

A large percentage of Tourists carry larger amounts of money and expensive valuables and are more vulnerable to scams. Make friends and blend in to avoid any type of scam. Dress as the locals do, don’t stop abruptly in the middle of busy streets to take photos; even when you’re lost, try not to make it apparent.

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