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Types of Tourism Attractions in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Tourism is a key sector in Ghana and a significant source of income. Ghana has various tourist attractions which are categorized under different Tourism. Ghana is a famous tourist destination in West Africa, it is full of surprises, and every type of traveler has something to explore or learn. It features off-the-beaten-path, natural sceneries, battered castles, beautiful coastlines, and beautiful wildlife wanders at the national parks. Ghana has several vibrant cities, which clearly indicates their history and independence story. Northern Ghana has some distinctive cultural practices and varied religions.
It is also known as West Africa’s golden child. The critical tourism types in Ghana include:

Natural Attractions

Natural Attractions have existed since the beginning, and they are attributed to Nature. They enhance the beauty of the nation, especially where they are located. These are Ghana’s key tourist attractions, which attract the most significant number of tourists. Natural attractions include mountains, rivers, lakes, the sea, forests, caves, hills, gardens, plateaus, and plains. Tourists engage in exciting activities such as mountain biking, hiking, hill climbing, surfing, swimming, riding canoes, fishing, and climbing. Most regions around these attractions often receive rain and good water catchment areas.

Cultural events and ceremonies

Cultural events and ceremonies are tourist attractions in Ghana. These are significant attractions and sources of revenue to the country; besides, they are a source of employment to the planning and organizing team. Most tourists travel to participate in cultural events such as festivals and ceremonies such as naming ceremonies. Some tourists are attracted to particular festivals, and therefore they only travel during that time only, primarily if they are held annually. Most events are held when most tourists are on holiday, and the events include Glastonbury Festival Olympics.

Wildlife Attractions

Wildlife is a significant tourist attraction in Ghana. Some tourists travel to see wildlife such as lions, leopards, elephants, hyenas, and monkeys. The Safari held at mole park attracts a large number of tourists. Other tourists are interested in the various bird species and butterflies. Touring National parks is an exciting activity. The right time to travel is during the dry season.

Purpose Built

There are tourist attractions built to motivate tourists in particular areas. Leisure and theme parks are specifically constructed to encourage tourists to visit such regions during the holidays in Ghana. People go to relax there, and during the weekends these places are packed. They offer memorable and enjoyable experiences that motivate tourists to keep on visiting such regions.

Heritage Attractions

Heritage attractions are also known as historical attractions. These types of attractions have existed in Ghana for a very long period. These places exist to motivate people to learn more about the past and appreciate it. Museums are the leading heritage attractions; they house significant materials related to the History of Ghana.

The Pan-African Historical Festival falls under heritage tourism, also known as PANAFEST. It is a cultural ceremony held annually to improve the Pan-Africanism and African development concept. The event comprises festivals and a party related to Freedom Day; it begins with a ritual laurel laying. The event is generally held in either Elmina or Cape Coast for more than eight or nine days, and these were the famous slave-trading sites in Ghana during the colonial era.

It shows the Ghanaian culture in a simpler manner; it was officially introduced by the late Rawlings, who was once a president in Ghana. It is an excellent source of revenue because it attracts a large number of tourists.

Recreation tourism and Adventure Tourism

It is a type of tourism that involves relaxing and enjoying yourself. The important recreational sites include beaches where you can swim, bask, and create memories while capturing the scenic views from the balcony of your room. It attracts a large number of international tourists, especially during the winter. The adventure involves exploring new places by either walking or cycling.

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