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What You Need To Know About The AfroSport Summit in Accra.

by The Ghana HIT

The African Sports Centre for Data, Research, and Technology has revealed that this year’s sport summit is scheduled for 2nd August and 3rd August 2023 in the Ghanaian capital of Accra. The preparations for the summits are still going on, and the organizing team anticipates for a hold a successful summit. This summit links science to business, where all participants gather to network and share ideas.

AfroSport is an event that attracts crucial sports stakeholders in Africa and other continents. It is a significant event that involves learning and sharing ideas, discussions, and networking in a great manner. It aims at the development of sports in Africa. It is a two-day event whose primary goal is to promote sports development, handle all the pressing issues across the globe, and look for new solutions to create more development.

The AfroSport is a gathering of sports clubs, national associations and federations, governing bodies, sports personalities, business entities, media, and many other organizations that support sports. This event involves industry discussions, a gala cocktail, and an expo, among other events. The charges for attending this event start at fifty dollars. Several stakeholders of the sport value chain in Africa and beyond, such as clubs, federations, leagues, athletes, coaches, businesses, media, academia, and critical personalities, are expected to participate in this conference.

You can participate in this event by volunteering as a speaker, sponsor, or exhibitor. Facilitating discussions and sharing ideas are the major activities during the AfroSport. Since it is a gathering which attracts great brain and learning sports personalities and stakeholders worldwide, a good speaker is a key pillar.

The AfroSport community believes in partnerships to achieve common goals and company objectives. All the brands associated with AfroSport are significant partners in facilitating a purpose-driven gathering towards African sports development. A partnership is a crucial tool that has promoted the growth of this event. The Spanish La Liga, Stats Perform Opta, VALD Performance, the Johan Cruyff Institute, the Ghana Football Association, the Ghana Olympic Committee, and the Ghana Ministry of Sports were the partners and sponsors for the event in 2022.

You can take advantage of displaying and marketing your brands during this summit since the event attracts the attention of great sport industry people and media. The exhibition will be an exciting chance to learn about the market gap in your products and work toward delivering the best.
The Ghanaian sports industry has experienced significant transformation and evolutions over the years. It is no longer an entertainment activity but also a key source of income and improvement of the national economy. It has so far opened several business opportunities and the building of a multi-billion industry. Ghana has benefited a lot from this summit, held for years to evaluate and discuss critical sports-related issues.
The AfroSport aims to deliver an incredible experience and improve sports performance across the globe. This event will be partly broadcast live on media platforms that are social and traditional other platforms across the globe. The AfroSport conference’s contribution to the world of sports can never be underrated. The huge capital investment and great scientific drive guarantee significant improvement.

This summit advocates using science and innovation to promote sports development in Africa through research and data. These meetings have resulted in a lot of benefits in business and general development for sport across most nations in the world. The African Sports Centre for Data, Research, and Technology believes in the power of partnership; hence that joins hands with major stakeholders to ensure that the sports industry is central in boosting development across Africa.

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