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Why Ghana is a popular tourist destination in December

by The Ghana HIT

It is barely one month to December and the preparations are still underway. ‘December in Ghana’ is a common phrase worldwide associated with concerts, best parties, and nightlife that goes on from night until morning. Ghana is quickly growing at a fast pace to be one of the leading destinations to visit in December. December has become the month for diaspora and non-diaspora to visit Ghana. December 2022 Ghana is going beyond Accra, with several events taking place across sixteen regions in Ghana.

Vacations in Ghana are mainly around three periods of the year, which are associated with seasonal holidays or school. The first holiday period in Ghana is in April, around Easter. During Easter, the weather is cooler and ideal for traveling; although it can get eventful, it is a manageable holiday. The second one starts from July to August; the summer holiday season when schools across the world go on holiday. During the summer holiday, most parents plan family trips to various parts of the globe. The last holiday season is in December and families and relatives unite with friends. A large percentage of people travel during the December holidays since this is the only time they are free.

Many Africans in diaspora and other holiday tourists choose Ghana as their destination for end-of-year festivities and enjoyment. Ghana is well-known for its beautiful and warm coastline and is an excellent place to relax and have fun. Most Tourists prefer major hot spots for their holidays, including Afrochella, Bloombar, and Little Havana. Exciting events and the best enjoyments are at the top of the list to ensure that all the visitors are satisfied.

All the events in Accra and other regions start from December to early January and are phenomenal. People go to unwind and refresh as they start another year. Some years can get busy or stressful, and therefore taking time to relax during the December holidays is highly recommended.

The Year of Return was the primary event during ‘December in Ghana.’ This event is exciting and indicates the growth of ‘December in Ghana.’ Generally, the Year of Return was composed of a wide range of events, festivals, tours, exhibitions, and music concerts. Major secular artists such as Cardi B, Sarkodie, Burna Boy, Shatta Wale to Rick Ross perform during the music concerts.
A list of all the events scheduled during this year’s December Holidays. Although the complete list of all the events that will take place during this holiday is not yet out, there is a list of some confirmed events.

 Rhythms On Da Runway –it is the biggest annual night of fashion and music in Africa. It will be held beginning 4th of December.
 Tangolla Festival 22 – 26th December in Accra
 Afrochella – 28th December in Accra
 Afro Nation Festival – 29th to 30th December Accra
 Waakye Party – will be held on 21st December in Accra
 Afrochella Music Museum – it will start from 23rd December to 4th January in Accra
 BHIM Concert – will be held in Accra Grand Arena on 23rd December.
 Festival Of Lights Ghana – It will run for three days, from 23rd to 25th December Accra
 Wilda Land Festival – 24th to 25th December in Shia Hills Forest Reserve
 Freedom Concert – 25th December in Accra

What are you expecting for December in Ghana 2022? Hotels are busy preparing to host visitors as of December. Besides, a large number of people have already started buying flight tickets to Ghana, and therefore, if you have not yet booked, you should consider doing that lest you miss the chance. This years December in Ghana is anticipated to great and interesting.

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